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Friends and stupid comments

I have a friend who is a bit (ok well a lot) of a snob. Her daughter was born a few months after Charlotte. She always wanted a girl as she's very much the girlie girl herself, and just to give you an idea she would not ever consider putting her little girl in trousers. Even in the depths of winter it was skirts/dresses with tights. Her little girl didnt start growing hair till after 1 year old but at the first wisps of hair the hair clips went in (and if i'm honest looked a bit ridiculous !).

Anyway I was speaking to her earlier and said about how Charlotte has become obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine and cars and how my sister had given us a load of thomas toys and i'd bought charlotte a thomas book and a toy car (like the matchbox ones) and her response was "OMG, I would never buy lo a car or trains, those are boys toys ! You're gonna turn her into a little boy with those sort of toys, plus i never see her in dresses. You must be relieved your having a boy now ! "

To say I was taken aback is an understatement. I actually didnt know how to answer and just made my excuses and hung up the phone. Is it wrong for a (nearly) 2 year old girl to want to play with cars and trains ? She also plays with dolls and pushchairs but loves the cars/trains at the mo. She runs around the lounge pretending to be a car, train or aeroplane (occassionally a horse or frog too).


  • Of course its ok for little girls to love trains and cars, just like I think its fine that my little boy loves playing with a dolly in a pram! They all have their own likes at different stages and frankly i feel sorry for her little girl if she's going to stop her playing with things just because society says they are "boys toys". They just like to copy us and i can tell you i'm always excited to get a new car! and i enjoy playing with my sons cars etc with him! Just as hubby was over the moon every time he got to push the pram with our son in it (still fights over it now to be honest!)

    I'd ignore her and be safe in the knowledge you are bringing up a happy little girl who wont be afraid to say what she likes in life!

  • I loved trains when i was little too and i let my children play with whatever they want to as long as they are safe,lol.

    dd1 had her train set out at her nanans today (she has one at nanas and one at home!) whilst lizzie was playing with the car garage they picked up at the car boot sale at the weekend!

    they have dolls ect but they push them around for like 10 mins (or each other in the pushchair (dd1 being almost 6 and lizzie 14 months!!lol!!!) and then they get bored and play with the cars, trains or "lets climb on the sofa/chairs/steps"

    i dont see a problem with it.

    i was out today with my best friend who has a little girl same age as dd2 and they were in double pushair as i picked best friends little girl up, and we got asked if it was 2 girls-bf girl was in a dress and lizzie was in flowery jeans and pink shoes! bf replied "yep looks that way!" and laughed,image

    ignore the comments, dress your children how you want to and let them play with whatever makes them happy x
  • Idiot of a women, and I feel sorry for her daughter, the mother is limiting her child's imagination with her actions!

    My boy is 2 and a half - he LOVES cars, and planes and tractors (we dont even own a car, he s just obsessed lol). But he also has a doll's pram, and a kitchen - and loves those as well! When we go over to friends who ve got girly toys, he very much enjoys playing with them. We just go by what Hugo wants to play with, and don't force him into anything.

    I also have a wee girl Matilda (she ll be 6 months old soon). I bet she will be stealing her big bro cars very soon!

    I am trying to put her in as many dresses as I can atm, as I know that when she ll start crawling/walking, it will mostly be trousers and leggings :P:P

    And once again - your friend has lost a few screws in her head!
  • That's just silly, why should children be forced into a stereotype just because it suits the parents! Children have no prejudice and we should cherish their innocence while we can.

    Ds was in a fairy dress and kitten heels when I picked him up from nursery last week, apparently he loves the dress! He is 21 months. I just laughed lol...xx
  • I agree with your friend. Girls shouldn't wear trousers and boys should only have blue toys.

    Women shouldn't be able to drive trucks or go in to politics and all men should go out to work while their wives cook and clean and look after the kids.

    And don't even get me started on women being allowed to vote - as if we'd be able to handle such responsibility! How silly.
  • my daughter is 2 in july and she plays with her brothers trains, cars and tracks and my son who is 3 plays with dolls, babies, pushs a buggy and dresses as a fairy lol just ignore her silly comments and tell her to mind her own and not to say things like that xx
  • How silly, DD is just 2. One of her fav toys is her car garage.We have a good mix of toys and clothes, she is happy and thats all that matters. By pressuring kids to play with/ not play with something is asking for trouble.
  • My LO (13 months) is rarely in dresses or skirts. Trousers or leggings are so much more practical. She also loves her ride of Chuggington (train) and toy train set. I did get told I couldn't buy her a tractor t-shirt that said 'I love tractors and daddy' by her Grandparents. But I put her in blue and black..and live with the inevitable comments that she's a boy. Well she's dressed in pink 75% of time but I'd go mad if I couldn't put a little bit of blue or green in there as well.

    Your friends is being silly. So does that mean her LO will turn into a demanding princess - who knows.
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