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How do I stop his aggression?


I'm new to the whole forum thing and have so many things I need help with.

My 3+ year old is very aggressive, he has learning difficulties so is frustrated because he can't speak properly, but my partner doesn't help by playing wrestling with him. How can I control this? as he is now lashing out at others especially when he is being told off. He doesn't seem to understand authority or boundries.

Can anyone help?


  • Hi,

    My son can be a little aggressive - he bites me (and occassionaly other children) and hits. I have been reading Toddler Taming which seems to have a few good tips and I have just bought Playful Parenting as I feel I can parent my child a bit better (particarly discipline).

    Have you tried timeout? I noticed you say your son has learning difficulties - could it be down to this? Could you ask your health visitor for some advice?

    1 piece of advice is to stay calm when he does it. It is very hard I know, I sometimes have to leave the room so that I dont shout.

    Sorry not got any useful advice...

    Hope someone else can help!
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