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any mums with toddlers with developmental delay?

i havent had this confirmed yet but i do no my son is ' behind' with milestones for his age and we are waiting to hear back to see a speacilist. does anyone have a toddler with this?


  • No but my baby son (6.5 months) is also waiting to see a Early Years SEN specialist because he is also behind on his milestones so will be interested to see some answers.
  • Hi, How old is your son and what is he delayed with?

    LO is 18 months old and both delayed and also has developmental regression image

  • my son is 26 months, and it has yet to be confirmed but its lots of things really. he doesnt talk. he doenst point to things. he says odd words here and there and then never again! he doesnt use cutlery,he doesnt always respond to simple things or hasnt started to understand commands that we say all the time.
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