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Bubba won't drink milk from beaker!

Anyone else come across this and got some advice.

Bubba drinks water absolutely fine from a beaker and I leave a soft spouted beaker of water near her bed at night and she helps herself if she is thirsty during the night.

But, I cannot get her to drink her milk from a beaker! She is coming up to 14 months, I tried when she was 12 months and began to worry about her milk intake as she flat out refused unless it was in a bottle. At the same time I tried cows milk which again she would flat out refuse to drink (despite having had it on her breakfast for months now!). She also seemed to be being sick a little after drinking a little of the cows milk.

Anyhoo, I stopped and now I'm thinking I will try to get her to take her formula from a sippy cup again.

Any ideas, I thought I might try a straw?


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