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what can your 16month old say?

my son is 16 months old and he is very bright and active, but is yet to start developing his speech. He mainly says ummm ummm in a high pitched voice and points at what he is talking about! he says mama, mi (milk) wuk (work) when i ask where daddy is, and woof when he sees a dog, but that is it! if i ask him to say something or repeat me he just isnt interested! he has randomly repeated lots of words on occasions but its never consistant. He spent a whole day shouting Lola (out dogs name, but hasnt said it since!

what does your 16/17month old say, and when should i start to worry?


  • He sounds perfectly on track to me! Girls do tend to talk sooner than boys. If he's not talking as much as you would like its because he's to busy learning other stuff. xx
  • I agree, don't worry hun, he sounds like he's doing really well! x
  • Seems normal to me. My 17 month old says mama, dada, gaga (banana!),hiya, apple and woof. That's it!!
  • Hiya

    Ty is 16 months and is the same, he says dadad, mama, woof, ta ta and thats it. He can repeat words when he choses but mostly babbles along. I think i must get on his nerves constantly repeating words to him in the hope he'll copy. :roll:

    Also he says things that make you think they're something else. He tripped over my uncles foot on sunday and said 'dont do it again' we all heard it. very randon !!

  • lizzie is 15 months and also not a great talker, great a climbing and balancing tho!!

    she will say grandad not perfectly but slightly understandable, mum and dada and butbut (button) she attemps spongebob but if you didnt know her you'd have no idea!!she doesnt say hiya but like your LO has come out with radom words or repeated them once but never again. we have had digger (once) byebye(once) and flower (twice,lol) but thats it. my hubby said last night he wished she spoke more but i reminded him that once she can he will wish she didnt,lol ;D

    sounds to me like your LO is doing great x
  • Honestly, don't worry. At 16 months my LO wasn't saying much at all. But she's now 19 months and can now say quite a lot - at least 50 words I think. It was really amazing how quickly it happened - literally in the last few weeks it's all come out. She doesn't say them all a lot, like she might say 'floor' but then not say it again for a while. But she has over 20 words she uses daily (yes, no, hiya, bye, ta, please, cheese, cat, dog, night night, clap, moon, tea, cheers, mumma, dadda, nanna, knee, door, nose, tick tock, bob, pat, car, tree, wee wee, duck, apple)

    Before that my OH was starting to get worried that she was falling behind - now he's worried she's growing up too fast!

  • My DS is approaching 16 months and can't say as much as yours and I'm not worried. He does have a few words, mama, dada, nana but tends to communicates more with grunts and finger pointing xx
  • at 15 months we just have sounds, but i didnt speak until nearly 3, i sont think they worry until they are over 2 x
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