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i think it is time I admitted I have a toddler

Hello everyone.

I think it is about time that I made the move over from baby.

My little man turned one on Monday. I was watching him walk around the garden yesterday playing with snails and sweeping the patio and just generally exploring and realised that my baby is now a toddler and has grown up so much.

So I figured I would come over here and say hi.

Helloooooooo everyone.


  • Welcome to toddler!! Its hard admitting that they're growing in to the next stage of their lives isnt it? Mind you, i'll still be calling ds my baby when he's 18!

    You'll definitely find the topics over here a bit more suited to your lo's age now though. Hope we can help you and vice versa. Its a good bit quieter here since the new format of the website but theres still a good few of us around.

  • welcome over!

    we moved over at about 12 months although pop back into baby now and then, think most of the post back there seem so long ago!
  • lzzie is 15 months, been walking for 5 of those and its only in last couple of weeks i find myslef looking in her instead of baby,lol

  • Hi wif! I am tentatively making the move too (even though M isn't actually 'toddling' yet!). Can't believe a whole year has gone by x
  • Hello ladies, it is lovely to hear from you all.

    starbrite: yes it really is hard to admit he is growing up. It is lovely to see though. He seems to be learning things at a rate of knotts all of a sudden

    Piggypops: I still go in baby as well but the posts really aren't relevant any more. everyone seems to have such tiny babies, makes me very broody.

    Loobysmummy: wow waking at 10 months image I found it a shock when Finley started walking at 11. It is amazing how quicky he went from wobbly steps to walking everywhere.

    Kayecee: It is so nice to hear from a fellow April mummy, how are you my lovely? I trust M is well and your pregnancy is going smoothly? I cant beleive you are 17 weeks already. I am very jealous.
  • i think she learnt it from dd1 who is 4 and half years older than her and dd1 was walking at 11 months too. i think early walking can run in fa,milies as me nd my sisters were all walking by 11 onths too.

    i didnt want her walking,lol, i wnted to keep her my baby as long as possible,lol x
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