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Weaning off a dairy-free diet...

My LO was diagnosed with a lactose intolerance at 16 months which has meant we've had her on soya milk, alpro yoghurts etc. She has slowly become more and more fussy lately and is refusing her cereal with milk and she doesn't have her bottles anymore so I have been worried she's not getting enough calcium or the goodness she'd usually get from this.

When I went to the dietician she said that the intolerance was something she would eventually grow out of and at 19 months Im wondering now whether I should start trying her with bits of cheese, fromage frais?

Does anyone have any experience of this or what I should be doing??



  • hi lizzie has a dairy allergy and to be completely honest i would go back and see gp/dietican before changing her diet. could you try the cows milk with the lactose removed (lactose free milk) instead of soya?

    i know there is another lady who is getting her LO back onto airy and i think she was advised to start by using cows milk in cooking first but im not 100% sure.

    lizzie was daignosed at 17 weeks and is now 15 months but at 14 months she became intolerant to her nurtamigen milk!

    hope your gp/dietican can help.

    i would love to be able to give lizzie a "normal" diet

  • Thanks, I know I often think that. I wish I could give her all the stuff we have it'd be so much easier and I get sick of having to ask my friends whats in food before she eats it at their houses!

    I'll do that I think and update. Thanks.x
  • Hi,

    My friend's little boy is allergic to dairy, and she sees a consultant. he has advised she start off wth something where the milk is very cooked, eg chocolate or a malted milk biscuit.

    i would definitely speak to GP or HV first though.

  • we've just done this with ds, he was cmpi from a baby and at 22 months paed said to try to wean on to cows milk, he told us to start with a teaspoon of fromage frais then build it up, then if that goes ok to start cheese in little bits + froamge frais, if that goes ok then start to substitue his milk back to cow's milk, he said if he had a reaction (started voiting etc) then to stop and wait six months then try again...9eeks on and it's going brilliantly, we've taken it realy slowly and he's now almost completely on cow's milk now, except for his milk where he has 2oz soya mixed with 4oz cows milk, next week will knock it down to 1oz soya 5 oz cows...speak to ur gp/paed first for more advice, hth xx
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