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bed mats?? 2year old??

hiya my little man has been using his potty/big toliet for a few months now he is 2 and a half, we only put a nappy on him at night as it is still quite wet in the mornings, but some days he takes the nappy off either before he goes to sleep or through the night he doesnt really like wearing it anymore.

what does everyone think of the bed mats you can buy and what ones are best??


  • hi dont think i would buy a bed mat as they can move about and not really protect the bed. what i would sugest as i used it for my dd is a waterproof sheet. but its terrytoweling (sp) on the topside and waterproof underneath. so it protects the whole matress and its not horrible to sleep on like some waterproof sheets can be. you can get them from argos or any good bedding store.
  • asda do absorbant sheets (next to nappies) that just go under mattress top sheet. they are wide enough to tuck under with the sheet and helps it to stop mooving around. Ikea do washable ones but bit of a pain waiting for it to dry ( we only bought 1 silly us!)

    we are yet to need it as we havent taken the plunge to let hayden go nappy free at night and only have one on just now as he took his nappy off one night and pee'd.

    They are also handy to put in car seat when on long journey - just incase!
  • We've got one of the fitted sheets nowamrsm mentioned; think ours was a hippy chick one, quite expensive but its fab, protects entire mattress but has the material on the top so doesnt make a noise or make the bed hot or anything. When we wash it (normal 40 cycle) it drys within a couple of hours, if that. So we've only got one and never had a problem with it - but when we take the plunge to going pull up less on a night time we might buy another just so we have a spare.
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