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Car seat age limit vs weight limit?


I wonder if anyone can help me????

I have twins who will soon need stage 1 car seats as they are fast outgrowing their infant ones. However i also have a 3yr old who is currently in a maxi cosi tobi which i believe goes up to age 3.5/19kg. So technically this means that dd1 needs a new car seat too in the next few months. Obviously this would mean that i could use dd1's car seat for one of the twins (it's less than 1yr old!).

But... DD1 only weighs 11kgs so she is nowhere near the weight limit for the next stage and looks perfectly comfortable in it??? So basically i want to know if you follow the age limit or the weight limit when moving up to the next stage car seat?

I don't care how many new seats i have to buyimage

i just want them all to be safe but i am so confused :?

Not sure if any of that made sense but thanks for reading anyway image


  • hey lmtuk

    i think its supposed to go by weight and the age is just as a guide. i have had trouble with my little one and car seats as she is 20kg but is only 20 months, so she was out her baby seat much sooner than she should have been as she was much longer and heavier. i think its all to do with how strong the seat is from the weight that will be travelling in it incase of impact!

    hope that makes sense!

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