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any tips for my toddler-second baby due in 4 weeks!

my son is 27 months and we are very close. he is a mummys boy and very cuddly. im worried how he will re act to new baby. i have had tips on giving him pressie from baby which i will do,and just give lots of attention and kisses and remind others to not forget him when they come to see baby. other than that i guess i will have to go with the flow.


  • Have you got him a baby of his own so he can copy you when the new baby comes? A lot of people do this and I might get one for my ds when this baby comes. x
  • hi, thats great he wasnt to bad. i just have a feeling with carson though. im 37 wks today and am huge compared to last time! lil one back to back. my back is very very sore! hows it all going with two? hows camerons sleep now? carson still a little munchkin!
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