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Sick when drinking milk but fine when has it on cereal?!!?

My daughter is now nearly 15 months. Around 12 months I tried to switch her from formula to cows milk, she has had cows milk on her cereal since 9/10 months. At the time I wasn't sure but she seemed to be being sick 5/10 mins after having a couple of sips of milk, not a huge amount of sick but then she wasn't drinking a huge amount of milk!

So, she has been on formula ever since. I decided to try again now as it has been a few months and it's the same thing again. She is sick probably 5 mins or less after drinking the milk, again she only has a sip and only seems to bring up the couple of sips she has just had?

Seriously, am I going mad?? How can she possibly be ok having it on her cereal but not ok drinking it?? Has anyone else had this? I have tried watering the milk down but it had the same reaction?

She absolutely LOVES cheese and yoghurt and is never sick after eating them, she just isn't a sicky baby which is why it's so odd?

I haven't had a HV visit since she was 6/9 months or so (can't remember lol)and so I can't ask them, although I might try and ask at her weigh in, they're usually about as useful as a chocolate fireguard though.

Someone tell me they have the same!!!


  • Could it be that your daughter just doesn't like the taste of milk as a drink? I have milk on cereal etc but wouldn't be able to face a glass of milk & wouldn't surprise me if it made me feel sick.

    In terms of asking a HV, we have a clinic we can attend every week if we have queries (also for weigh-ins) & can also phone at any time. I do agree though, they are often like chocolate teapots!!!
  • Sorry it's a late reply but I just saw this and it sounds a similar story to my LO, unfortunately I've never found an answer as she seems to have grown out of it at 16 months now.

    Maybe try soya milk and see if you get the same reaction?
  • thanks xpat, have given up now and am just carrying on with formula, the HV looked at me lke I was mental when I told her and didn't seem bothered lol! I might try again in another month or so!
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