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night terrors

dd has usually been a great sleeper nad only usually wakes up if ill or teething. the last few nights hse has been waking up between 10.30 and 12.30 absolutely inconsolable. she is 'awake' but not really iyswim. she is screaming to be cuddled by me but when i try to pick her up she is hitting and kicking out. the more i try to comfort her the worse she gets and it seems to annoy her even more. then suddenly she will 'snap' out of it and be really calm and after a short cuddle wants to go back to bed and will then sleep through until morning.

anyone elses lo do anything like this? how do you handle it? is it night/sleep terrors or nightmares?


  • Hi my DD has done this on odd occasions, screaming so loudly that both myself and DH go running to her aid thinking she must be in agony. We have found it is generally related to a bad dream and that after a few moments of talking to her reassuring her she is safely at home in her bed with mummy and daddy to keep her safe she soon goes back to sleep (unless there is another problem such as dirty bottom). Instead of trying to cuddle, talk to her so she hears your voice, hopefully the reassurance of knowing your there will help her recover that little bit faster. Best wishes and hope all works out.
  • Sounds like night terrors to me! DS1 had them just before Christmas.

    We would go into his room & talk quietly to him to reassure him we were there & also make sure he couldn't hurt himself.

    Hopefully it'll pass soon.
  • Our son has been struggling with night terrors for the past half year or so. In our case, it seemed to be caused by some underlying stress (his biological father has been completely out of the picture for 3 years and I just married his mother this spring). 

    Tonight he had another panic attack (he has recently started calling me Dad, resulting in some confusing feelings). When he woke up, he was talking semi-coherently (as is usually the case) and said he wanted chocolate.

    So we gave him a little piece of dark chocolate. He ate it and came to. 

    It's a much nicer way to wake a child than ice on the feet or a spritz of water... so if you're facing a child gripped in a semi-conscious nighttime panic, try a little bit of dark chocolate. (But be sure it's too small to choke on!)

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