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Crying after sleeping for 30 minutes

Hello ladies,

For the past few weeks my 17 month little man has become a little unsettled at bedtime. He will cry on leaving his nursery in which we will have go back in settle him. Once settled he always wakes up exactly 30 minutes later crying quite inconsolably taking between 5-15 to re-settle. Generally he will not wake again although sometimes it can be 1 or 2 times again.

I don't believe it's teething as he is fine during the day and it seems coincidental that it happens 30 mins after waking.

Prior to this he would self settle like a dream with no wakings. He naps well having between 1- 1.30 hours a day post lunch, waking up at 7am, asleep by 7.30pm so I don't think it's overtiredness.

Anyone else's LO going through a similar thing?

Thanks x


  • yup my lo is doing exactly the same, and i hate to say it but she is teething, nasty great big molars coming through, she's 15 monthsimage I have to say I didn't realise initially that it was her teeth as i think they had only just started to bud but these ones really seem to be causing her pain image Maybe try some bonjela and calpol and see if it helps?
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