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Going on holiday with a fussy eater

Hello, it's been a while since I have been on here! image

Adam is 15 months old now and a bit of a fussy eater. He is reluctant to try new foods (unless they are red :roll: ) and refuses point blank to eat a lot of 'staples' like pasta or rice. His favourite meals include:

Any kind of meat burger with a wide range of veg

Beans or spaghetti shapes on toast

Anyway, we are off on holiday to Corfu next month and I am starting to get stressed about what he can/will eat while we're there. I assume you can't buy tines of Heinz beans in the local supermarkets?!

If anyone has any advice or experience to share, that would be fab. Do I need to pay for extra baggage so I can pack 7 tins of Thomas pasta??


Cath xx


  • We went to Cyprus when Riley was 18 months and a bit of a fussy eater. I took lots of snacks with us as well as fruit pots and those little tins of pasta incase he wouldn't eat any of the food. He only ended up having a couple of tins though as he would mostly eat bits of what we had.

    I'm sure you will be able to find Heinz beans in the bigger supermarkets if its in a tourist area if you didn't take any pasta or anything. x
  • As long as you're going to a well established tourist resort then should have all your usual needs in stock in their stores (crisps,beans,bread,milk,nappies). My DD has always been fussy, eating mostly chicken nuggets and potato waffles but is starting to get more adventurous in tasting what mummy and daddy are eating.
  • Thanks ladies!

    KazzieM - do you find the fussy eating as frustrating as I do??

  • KazzieM, you just described my son! Chicken nuggets, fish fingers, potato waffles and strawberries! And the occasional piece of cheese. Isn't it just so frustrating to throw a decent meal in the bin?!

    Cath - was you son born in Feb 2010? I think I remember you from DIF10.

    x x
  • Yes he was - hello again!!

    I don't think many of the Feb ummies come on here now. We started up a Facebook group when BE closed. You'd be more than welcome to come and join us if you like?!

    Sorry to hear that you have a fussy eater too. I'd be delighted if Adam would eat potato waffles. Sadly any form of potato (other than sweet potato) is treated as a form of torture image

  • I did notice the born in Feb 10 is pretty much dead. Shame really as I tend not to use Facebook much.

    My health visitor told me today to re-introduce fruit pouches with veg in. And at least that way he'd be taking in some decent nutrients. So tonight, after only a few spoonfuls of spag Bol, I gave him a blueberry, sweet pot and pumpkin ellas kitchen pouch and he ate it no problem at all.

    x x
  • Veg is actually the one thing he will eat without any problems (except potato)!

    I would love it if he would eat rice or pasta (other than tinned spaghetti shapes) but both are a total no-go.

    We did have a breakthrough recently and he will now eat croissant and falaffel! (not together, obviously!) Woohoo!!
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