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Naps. How long is too long?

Finley is 13 months and has, over the last couple of weeks, started sleeping for very long periods of time in the day.

He only does it when he is not at nursery. At nursery he sleeps for about an hour and a half split into two sleeps. At home he is still sleeping after 2 and a half hours. He wakes at 6am and then goes down for a sleep around 10ish. Two and a half hours later he is still sleeping image i usually wake him after 2 and a half hours and he is really grumpy.

He wan't sleep again after his big sleep, his night sleeps are still the same

basically my question is should i wake him or just leave him to wake up when he is ready??


  • I think my lo was the same at that age. Trying to catch up on sleep during the day. I always woke my lo up after 2.5. I think as long as night time sleep isn't affected, then carry out letting lo sleep for this amount of time.

    It does change as they get older, and my 27 mth old only sleeps for an hour now.
  • as its not afecting bedtime i would let him sleep, what time is bedtime, it might be that if he isnt having 12 hours at night he needs a longer day nap? we sleep 12 hours nd have about an hour nap sometimes longer at 16 months, i never intentionally wake him from naptime x
  • thank you for your replies.

    He goes to bed at 6.45pm and wakes between 6 and 7 am. So far he is still sleeping through the night so it isnt effecting that.

    I know i am worrying over nothing but once i get to 2 and a half hours and he is still blotto i do wonder if he is sleeping too much. I think he is catching up after nursery because he only does it when at home and not at weekends.
  • I've always been of the opinion that if a baby sleeps, it's because they need it, and would not wake baby from nap intentionally. Especially if going to bed at bedtime is not a problem and night sleeping is not affected. I definitely think there's something to be said about 'catching up'. My daughter is two now and some days she'll nap less than an hr, and some days it's nearly 3 hours!

    So in answer to your question, I would leave him...

    But maybe as he gets a bit older, you might want to move the nap til a bit later so it's after his lunch, I think that often works better.

    For now, enjoy the fact that he sleeps! There'll come a time when he doesn't want to nap anymore....I fear we are getting nearer and nearer to that day image
  • Mine is just the same. She sleeps exactly the same hours at night as Finley. At nursery, it's hopeless, I'm lucky if she gets 60 mins it total. On a Weds, she goes to MIL and often sleeps 2 hours in the morning and up to 3 at lunchtime without it affecting the night!

    Her "usual" sleeps when she's at home with me at the weekend are one hour in the morning and 2 at lunchtime. I've just been letting her get on with it for now and figure it just balances out over the week.
  • I'd let him carry on - particularly as he condenses it into one big sleep. M ends up having about 3 hours a day split into 1x morning and 1x afternoon nap x
  • Roslyn is 25 months and at nursery 5 days a week. She doesn't sleep more than an hour and a half in the week. At weekends she will often sleep late in the morning and then for three hours straight in the afternoon....I always put it down to her just being knackered after a hard weeks playing and learning and leave her to it.

    From what I can remember I think it was around 13/14 months that she started doing this.

    As said by the others if it's not affecting his night time sleep I would leave him to it.
  • at 26months my ds still has a 2.5hour long nap most afternoons, if we wake him up he's a right grot bag and then does't sleep well that night, leave him to wake on his own (eve,n if means 3hours) and he sleeps sound at night ... i'm grateful for it as it gives me some one to one time with dd xx
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