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custody battle - has anyone been through this?


I've not posted much since I was pregnant to be honest, I was just getting on with it.

My ex partner and I split up when I was pregnant. We never fully split up infact we went on to co parent successfully for two years. I had an pre eclampsia and ended up with a c section, breastfed for 6 months with three bouts of mastitus and a tongue tied baby. We needed the mutual support as we found the baby hard work. He sort of dodged the really hard work by playing computer games. He is a lawyer.

Anyway, last week he called the police and told them I have abducted our son and was on my way to beachy head to jump. I had taken my son to the park and talked out of the fish and chip shop with the ex's dinner when I noticed a helicopter over head. I was pointing it out to my son when 6 police cars pulled up and took me aside to shout at me that I had kidnapped my son. I was bewildered and angry but told to shut up whilst my ex drove off with my son.

I went home, he let me in the house. We had a massive row where he apologised said he'd made a mistake and sent me off to bristol on a spa break by way of an apology.

I return home to be given a court summons and told I cannot see my son with with prearranged visits. I'm blocked from going to his nursery. The ex has taken my son away.

I get a lawyer and we had a hearing and he gets restraining orders, the kicked me out the house, bans me from seeing my son, orders psychiatriac assessments on me. He's saying I abuse my son. My son goes to nursery 4 days a week and they've never had any complaints except to remark what a happy boy he is.

I make cakes for his mother and cook him dinner everyday. How stupid have I been? I don't even know. We go out every weekend, we spoke everyday, I was friends with his parents and he has just been planning this for months. Its so scary I have had to just take it and its so cold and cruel my heart is broken. I don't think he has though what he is doing to my son. The little man is so confused. I get to see him 17 hours a week whilst they decide whether I'm a danger to him. I appreciate they are being through but the evil ex did actually hit me hard enough to concuss me and render me temporarily deaf with a black eye which whislt I so stupidly let slide, my gp recorded and will come out in court. He has made such a mess. I never even knew people did evil stuff like this. I'm still reeling and I'm in shock. I miss my baby. image


  • hi im going through this at the moment although its a different case to yours...

    my ex abused me all the way through our relationship nt so much phsyically but mentaly. he threatnt me also to move closer to him or he would 'make my life more hell, and take away my baby'... i did as i was told so that he would back off me a bit.

    our baby is now 11 weeks old and he has gt me served with intrim tht i cant leave the area we live in altho he has nasty ppl coming to my door and watching every move i make to report back to him.. not nice when i have an 11 week old and a 4 yr old with me every day.

    we are now going thro the courts as he is applyn for full custody! our baby is breastfed and he has refused contact that i have offerd resulting in him not seeing our son for 7 weeks but thinks its ok to go for full custody...

    like you i dont understand how he can b so mean...i wish u all the luck in th world and i hope it turns out for you!! keep strong xx
  • Its such a cold and cruel process. I hope you win Kelly, I don't think I will.
  • Just wanted to give you a big squeeze. Makes me kind of wish he could step out in front of a bus... probably isn't the right thing to say but I know how incredibly confused and heart broken you must feel and I can't believe anyone with a conscience could do that to someone.

    I really hope this is resolved soon and your beautiful baby is back in his mummy's arms.

  • I am sorry you both seem to be going through such a hard time when all you want to do is be a mother. I really hope things work out for both of you. Stay strong ladies x
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