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Private Prep School, when to apply?

I was just wondering if anyone knew the best time to apply for prep school if it's private? My lo is 15 months and would start prep school when she is 3 or 4 I think? I don't want to be premature but I don't want to miss the boat?

Anyone's lo going to a private prep? Don't get me wrong I know it's not for everyone and I don't want a debate about private v state, we're not rich or snobby but we have our own good reasons for wanting her to go.

So, any advice would be greatly appreciated image


  • We are seriously thinking about doing the same so have arranged a viewing with our local private school for September. Our son will start when he is 3 years and 7 months (start of the September term) so we are really planning two years ahead and we were told this is fine.

    Although I do know of a couple who applied for the same school when they were still pregnant!

  • Hi, my daughter does not go to private school, for me personally I cannot see the point, she is well above average in a state school image what is right for some is not for others. My niece went to a private prep school (then onto a state primary) I know her mum went to see the school when she was 12 months old and put her name down. Checking on their website it says you can place their names from pregnancy. Does the school you want your LO to go to have a website? They sometimes have a contact form and they will be able to email you back with information. It may be worth asking parents that have children at the school if you know any.
  • I work in prep schools and it depends on the school. There is definitely no harm in visiting a few and seeing what their system is for applying. At the moment due to the financial climate many of them are not as full as usual so I would be surprised if there were very long waiting lists, but worth asking. If they have a preschool or nursery it's worth starting your child there.

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