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Toddler taking nappy off 1st thing in the morning

Hi, for the last 2 days my little girl has started taking her nappy off first thing in the morning (it actually started Monday lunchtime when she didn't want to go for a nap). She has started being able to undo her sleeping bag, go from her room into the bathroom and then she takes her PJ bottoms off and then her nappy. I'm not sure if she actually uses the potty (nothing in it but she does like to sit on it for a few seconds) and then she likes to wipe her bum (if I haven't put the loo roll out of the way). After that she grabs a couple of books and comes into us.

We have no idea how long she has been up for (but her bottom half is very cold) and it hasn't been a real problem yet but should it not just be a wet nappy it will obviously become one (especially as we had new carptet laid at the weekend!). We have tried asking her to come and get us before she takes her nappy off and we have been really positive about it as we are trying to get her to be more independant but she doesn't really understand.

We aren't sure she is ready for potty training as she has no idea when she wants to go but we have just ordered a toilet seat and are thinking of taking her to choose her own potty for downstairs at the weekend.

Any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated (she is 2 years 3 months).

Many thanks



  • Sounds like she is making a good connection with the potty, she might be having a wee which wakes her then goes to the potty afterwards. My ds often wakes in the night and says he needs a wee but when I sit him on the toilet he won't do anything, so I think he's just done it in his nappy which is why he woke. He is potty trained in the day though.

    If I were you I'd maybe think about potty training. Just start by leaving her nappy off in the daytime and letting her use it if she wants, that's how we started.

    I don't really know what to do about her getting her nappy off though, but I suppose if you potty train her you won't need to worry as she won't have any accidents once she's got out of the nappy! x
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