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I just wanted to question how many mummies still allow their toddlers a dummy? My son is 26months and likes two dummies at night and then has one for intervals during the day. He is not constantly sucking it, but I do worry he is becoming reliant on it and was thinking of doing dummy fairy this weekend. However, my in-laws said last night I shouldnt worry and all 3 of their kids had dummies til they were gone 3 and it's obviously a comfort to him.

i don't want to upset him, he obviously gets comfort from it, and I'm not worried about his teeth because he doesn't have it constantly!

Just really wanted to hear other people's thoughts and experiences. My gut feeling is to let him keep it for a while longer, but then worry that's the wrong thing to do!



  • ds he was 3 when i took it off him

    dd1 shes nearly 2 1/2 and i let her have her dummy at nap/bed time,since ivce done this her speach has come on loads
  • lizzie is 17 months and still has a dummy for naps and bed, she is not allowed it any other time. dd1 had hers til she was 2 and half when santa swapped them for a specail big girl present and she never once asked for it again and im planning on doing same with lizzie and the easter bunny next year!

  • Hi I had recent experience of this, my youngest son just had the dummy fairy come about a month ago, he will be 3 in August, he only had two dummies at night and never in the day, but we went dentist a month ago and she could tell he had a dummy and advised we stop using it, she said 'ideally' everyone would stop at about two (toothwise) as after that it can start to affect teeth permanently, needless to say that put the bloody fear of god into me and the dummy fairy came the very next day! To be honest after the first couple of days of asking me why I couldnt buy one from the shops to replace the ones taken he's not been bothered, I have now come to the conclusion, it was me worrying about it, the reality is the kids adapt.
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