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toddler won't give up booby!

HELP!!!! I want my boobs back!!! My 17 month old only has boob to get to sleep at night and for his one daytime nap, he has also recently started sleeping in with us and is asking for boob almost every 2 hours at night, although he is teething. I'm starting today to put him in his cot again through the night which I think will reduce his nightwakings. The problem is I have tried to get him to sleep without the boob and he goes hysterical. Sometimes he will come off the boob and not be fully tired and will then fall asleep on me cuddling his teddy which is ideally what I would like everytime he goes to sleep. He will do this on his own but if I try to bypass the boob or rush it he goes nuts and is so distressed I think that's not a very nice way to end such a beautiful breastfeeding experience (I mean finally). Anyway, anyone got any tips? He does understand things but just will not give it up. image


  • Hi FlubbaBoo, I am amazed you've lasted so long as with my 17mth old DD I stopped BF at 9mths when the teeth started being sunk in. The way I got around it was by expressing some milk into a beaker and having that beside her cotbed. When she stirred and asked for a feed I offered the beaker instead of my boob, it took a few protests but once she realised it was the same content she soon accepted the switch. Once she had accepted the beaker, the boob milk gradually got replaced with SMA formula which we had introduced during daytime feeds and cereals so again she knew the taste and now she knows she gets a beaker of milk as part of bedtime routine and sleeps longer before waking. Hope this helps.
  • Hi,

    My DD is 21 months and I am trying to wean her from the boob.

    She only has it at bedtime now so I just need to drop that last feed. What I have done is start by letting her feed until she was really sleepy then putting her in bed (awake) and sitting by her until she fell asleep. When she got used to that I started cutting down the length of feed by a couple of minutes every 3 days or so. She now has 9 minutes feed then I say lets get into bed now and you can cuddle your dog/giraffe/peppa etc then I sit with her until she falls asleep. I'm gradually moving further from the cot too when she is going to sleep.

    I plan to very soon drop the feed by changing our routine a little bit. I think if I sit in the chair I feed her in with her she will just want boob, but I think she will object to being put straight into bed so I plan to read her a couple of books in bed instead of feeding then go on to our normal going to sleep routine.

    I think you really need to get him to go to sleep in his cot rather than on the boob first which will make the transition easier.
  • I started to wean bubba off of the boob at around 9 months, I just slowly replaced each feed with a bottle. The last to go was the bedtime feed which I have to say may have been a bit about me not really wanting it to end? Despite the hysterics it took barely a matter of a couple of days for her to realise that she wasn't going to get any and she pretty much went off it herself and lost interest?

    Have you tried a dummy? Yes it's not for everyone BUT my daughter was always a sucky baby and the boob was a lot about comfort for her rather than sustenance. Maybe you could replace boob with dummy? At the moment she is teething and at 15 months has all of her molars which has been horrendous for her, again the dummy has helped her with this as she likes to chew on it at night and it comforts her?

    Bubba would never have given up unless I had been firm but that's an individual child thing. I just kept thinking of a conversation I had with my female doctor who told me that she wished she had stopped bf at 9/10 months as now her lo won't stop and he's 2 years old! The look of sadness in her eyes, seriously, she looked really sad and it scared the beejesus out of me lol!
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