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Is my son jealous of baby bump?

Hi after some advice please.I have a 3 year old son Adam and am expecting my second child in sept. Adam has become very clingy over the last couple of weeks I cant even go to the toilet without him making a fuss.He wants me to do everything for him and goes crazy if Chris his daddy baths him or puts him to bed.

Im worried how adam's going to react when I have the baby as im sure his resent behaviour has something to do with me being pregnant.

I would be grateful to hear any advice or similar experiences.

Jayne xx


  • I am going through exactly the same thing with my 4 year old Samuel.  He is happy when he is in school and he knows I am in work as he undertstands Mummy has to go to work but if I am home he does not leave my side everywhere he goes I have to go or he won't go.  My husband has tried everything - Yesterday he said come on boy lets go to the park and he was like ' Is mammy coming and his Dad said no and he was like I am going to stay with mam you go' therefore I ended up going not that I mind.  I have invoved him in everything from the scan to picking names and he is always saying lovely stuff about the baby like 'I am going to buy the bay this and the baby can have these toys etc..' so i think he will be ok when the baby comes but I have just tried not mention the baby as much and when the baby is mentioned to reassure him that he will have someone to lpay with, but it is hard but I think their little brains must be doing over time.
  • Hi there!!

    I found the same thing happened when I was having my second daughter Holly back in June 2009. She is now 20 months. My daughter Sophie was going through that clingy, naughty stage too.

    We had trouble with her having paddy tantrums, not doing as she was told and being rather naughty at nursery. One day she had me in tears at nursery when I went to pick her up. The teachers told me that she had had a bad day being naughty and I thought " I can't do this" and went and had a cry in the corner. The teachers were very understanding.

    She was very clingy and would cry and make a fuss every time we dropped her off at nursery. But as soon as Holly was born, she was a completely different child. We thought someone had swapped her for a good one!!

    Now they get on quite well, they have their moments with jealousy but overall get on well.

    If you include Adam with the baby afterwards, you'll probably find he won't be jealous. We got Sophie to help bath, dress and keep an ear out if Holly cried, she would rush in and get me!! Bless her!!

    They will have their fights and fall outs but you'll probably find if anyone picked on either of them, the other will be straight in to defend them!!!!!

    Good Luck for the baby and don't worry, it will turn out ok xx

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