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any oldies about

just wondering if there are any old members about? Emily will be 1 on 7th and is toddling about loads. Tyler is 3 on 19th. the older two are 4 & 5. Where has the time gone??


  • I'm stll here although I lurk more than post now! Poppy will be 4 in September - where has the time gone?!!
  • Hi im still here and same as Donna i lurk more than post Lexie will be 4 in oct and Leah is 2 now.the time has just flew by! hope you are ok.
  • i still come on here every day (as i have for last 3 years,lol) i had to change name when the changes happened but i posted most in ttc! lizzie is now almost 18 months and dd1 is 6 in 2 weeks!!!
  • well thats sad- i thout it was 3 years i had been coming on here, turns out its over 4,lmao!!
  • i'm more sad i joined in 2006 LOL and yes still look on here every day
  • I am still here. I look more of less every day. Kara is 4 in September and can't believe how time is flown. Baby no2 is due in 8 weeks time do big changes in my household.
  • I'm still here too!

    My dd1 is 7, next week. I can't believe it, she is nearly as tall as me.

  • im still about alex is 3 21st, and due again at xmas.
  • aw nice to see some 'old' names. Think i will start popping in here alot more. I cant remember my username/password or even the web address for the nest! lol. Yes she is still very much a princess Lara! Even more so now! Big well done kisses to Chloe! xxxxx
  • still here as well, I usually lurk more now than post, well I post a little in the planning forum but Olivia will be 2 in October, it is so quiet since BE did the changes
  • I pop on here occasionally but more likely to be on the Nest. I always feel strange posting on Baby as most people here don't know all about Charlie and his history but everyone on the Nest knows him so well.

    H xx
  • I'm here, just don't seem to come into Toddler on here, stick in Born in Jan '10. Look on The Nest more, but actually don't spend much time on there either!

    Think it's because my Born in girls don't post so much these days. xx
  • I tend to lurk x
  • I still pop in, still can't quite tear myself away! Shame it got so quiet on here. xxxx
  • I pop on here every so often,more on the nest now really. I don't recognise many people on here now. x
  • i'm here but this is the first time i've been on for months! shame to see how much has changed x
  • I'm back on here too now, same user name but i do notice it's much quieter. Logan will be 3 three weeks today!
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