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Don't know what to do, really want another baby!

I have a wee boy who is 20 months. He's a great wee boy, but is really hard work, as I'm sure all toddlers are. He has his own room and it has been like this since he was around 5 months old. Me and OH would love another baby, but the problem we have is that we only stay in a 2-bed house, which we only moved into last month as that's all we could afford. We previously had a 1-bed flat, which we sold and moved in with my parents until we could get somewhere bigger and when we bought the house in January, we weren't even planning another baby, but feelings have changed and I feel as if we are stuck and Jack is going to miss out on having a baby bro/sis. Is anyone else in this situation?



  • Hi,

    My DD is 21 months and I would also very much like to have another, its something I think about a lot. We rent a 2 bed flat (in London so cant afford to buy) and I just can't see how we will ever afford another baby or afford to move somewhere bigger.

    I am one of 5 children so feel very sad that DD can't currently have any brothers or sisters when I want her to have loads!

    It gets me down quite a lot even though I do know how lucky I am to have the one Ive got
  • Hi, there is no right or wrong time to have another baby and if you and your partner both agree that strongly then it will happen. My DH and I only came about our 3bed apartment through unfortunate circumstances (he had bought it with his parents but his father passed away shortly after our wedding day and his mother is now living full time in a care home with alzheimers). Our DD will be 21mths old when her sibling arrives this Sept and our thinking is that baby will be in our room for 1st 4-6mths and can then share with big sister for a few years. If space really is an issue you can always discuss with council needing larger premises for growing family, they should help out.
  • i was going to say what others have said.

    children of different sexs can share until i think the eldest is 7 (or something like that) and by then you may be able to move again? we are lucky to have 3 bedrooms and 2 children but we have thought about down sizing as location to use is more important than having their own bedroom-i always shared with my sister (i have 2 sisters, and we lived with me,mum,dad,grandad and 2 sisters in a 3 bedroom house!) and me and my sister are best of friends-we even work full time together!!-and i want my children to have this kind of relationship to.

    i would love another baby myslef but got to sort out some work things first before i can even start of peausdaing hubby,lol!

  • Hi, i'm 6 weeks pregnant with my second, and although we've got a third bedroom, we're planning for them to share, even if they are different sexes. We have a lot of guests and also I'm planning to go freelance after the baby is born so want to keep an office. Is your 2nd bedroom big enough to fit a cot and a bed?
  • We have 4, in a 4 bed, but all three girls are in one room. They wouldn't have it any other way, so we leave them to it. Most mornings I go in there to wake them up and they are all asleep in one bed together like a pile of kittens.

    We do plan to move or build on to our house, hopefully in a couple years. But for right now it would just be more rooms for me to clean up, and they wouldn't want to use them for anything but places to spread out more toys.

    While we anticipate them feeling different in their teens, but at a young age they prefer sharing, so don't worry. It is only a cultural ideal not a genuine issue for siblings to share a room.
  • Hi everyone, thanks for the replies. Some things to think about and discuss with hubby xx
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