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Nursery vouchers

I was just wondering if anyone knew how nursery vouchers worked for private nurseries / preschools? The school accepts the vouchers, and morning time for the pre-school is from 8.30 - 11.30, 5 days a week, which equates to my 15 free hours. It costs ??1025 per term - but i am assuming my vouchers wont cover all of that, even though it's just the 15 hours. Does anyone know? I'm going to phone tomorrow to find out - i just wondered if anyone here knew!


  • As far as I'm aware (we'll be in similar situation in September) the nursery will take the value of the vouchers & then you pay the balance if applicable. I'm not sure how much the vouchers will equate to though!
  • We used to do Kiddivouchers and they worked out really well, mostly because it didn't feel like a lot coming out of your salary, adn payment was taken care of each month. You can have ??243 per person per month (unless it's changed this financial year) but you can claim and so can your husband / partner, so we ended up with ??486 a month, which cover all our childcare (lo only goes 3 days a week!).

    My current employer however won't do them, so we're only using my husbands entitlement and paying the rest ourselves! A really good way of paying for nursery!
  • This is interesting as my LO will be going to pre-school soon, it is a private school and I didn't think they would accept them! I will call to enquire although I suspect not all of them will take them. Does anyone know what it means for the school? So, in terms of admin etc? I suspect my son's school won't accept them if they are hard work! Not sure, know very little about them to be honest.

  • had a conversation with my nursery yesterday and they said they found them really easy to deal with, but I don't know all the ins and outs!
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