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Not going to sleep at bedtime

Can any one give me some advice please, my 21 month old daughter keeps getting out of her bed at night time, when we put her down for the night.  We follow a routine of milk, bedtime story then light out.  She goes to her room for her milk and is in her bed for her story.  The minute we leave the room she gets back up and follows you, she doesn't cry.  We take her back to bed, but she gets up again.  I've tried leaving the door open, standing outside the room, going into the living room, but she just gets up.  I've been calm, been angry, tearful, you name it but she still persists in getting up.  I'm at my wits end.  We moved her bedtime to 7.30 to see if that would make a difference (previously she went to bed at 7) but it's not helping.  She's a good wee soul the rest of the time, it's just bedtime that's so trying.  She's in a toddler bed so there's nothing to stop her getting out, even if I close her room door she can reach the handle and get out!!!


  • What about putting a stairgate across the doorway to her bedroom?  I also had the same problem when my daughter was about that age and found that if I let her read on her own for a bit she would settle better.  She has a clock on the wall and I would point to the clock and show her where the big hand would be in 10 minutes and tell her that when the big hand got to that position she would have to turn her light out and go to sleep.  Worth a try - as I say it worked for us.  Good luck.
  • Hello,

    My friends had a boy like this but not only would he come out of his room he would also wake his older brother up, they used a stairgate and it worked wonders.

    Is she sleeping too much in the day, or too late in the day. I always think it is a fine line as if they are over tired they dont settle well but if they have too much sleep they dont want to go to bed either.

    Harry is 2.5 and in a cotbed, I havent changed this to a bed as yet but am going to have to soon, but really dont want to as he stays put in there and I can see me having the same problem as you.

    How long has she been dong this for?

    Hope you manage to resolve your problem soon.

  • Thanks, the stairgate sound like a good idea, I'm willing to try anything!  She goes for a sleep any time between 11.30 and 12.30, and sleeps at the very most for an hour and a half, very often it's only about 30 mins.  This has been going on for about 8 weeks now!! 

    We put her in a bed as we were going away to a caravan and she was too big for her travel cot, so she was going to have to sleep in a bed in the caravan so we wanted her to get used to sleeping in a bed in her own house.  She went to sleep fine for the first few weeks.  We've just come out of a phase of her waking at 5.30, so I'm hoping it will get better soon!!!

     Thanks for your suggestions, and Charmain don't worry too much, your son will probably be fine in his bed. I've got other friends who's children don't get up!! In fact one won't even leave his room until his parents go in to get him in the morning, which must be bliss!!

  • Thanks, the idea about the stairgate sounds good, I'll try anything.

     This has been going on for about 8 weeks now, she goes for a sleep during the day anytime between 11.30 and 12.30, and sleeps for a maximum of an hour and a half, although it's usually about 30/45 mins.  She doesn't get to sleep any later than 3 pm unless we're in the car and I can't avoid it but that very rarely happens.  We've just come out of a phase of her waking at 5.30 am so I'm hoping this will end soon, just needed some ideas to get me through the next few nights!!

     We put her in a bed as we were going to a caravan and she was too big for her travel cot, so would need to sleep in a bed in the caravan.  She was fine the first few weeks she was in the bed.  Charmain, don't worry about putting Harry in a bed, I've got a couple of friend who's children stay in bed, and one of them doesn't even leave his room until his parents go in to get him!!

    thanks again

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