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Moving to a Big Boys Bed


 Harry is 2.5 and sleeps in a cot bed with a gro bag.   I have recently potty trained him and have been waiting for him to be secure and happy without nappies before making any other changes.   (He is still in a nappy overnight)

I am thinking that now I have to change is cotbed into a bed as he is getting older and I need to make that change for him, last of the baby things really! image

When he is in bed I quite often hear him bump into the edge/side of the cot so have a feeling it is going to take time for him to get used to it and not fall out, I will buy a guard for the side of the bed to help prevent this.

Has anyone got any do's or don'ts they recommend when moving from cot to bed.  The other problem I think I am going to have is he is so used to his grobag, when we had the really hot weather recently I just put a sheet over him and every time he stired and didnt have it on him he woke me up! Need to teach him how to put his own covres back on. I also think he will be up out of bed frequently but we will have to wait and see.

I am going on holiday in 2.5 weeks, he cant stay in a travel cot as there is no room in the caravan and they only have single beds so not sure if to make the change on holiday and then have his bed ready for him when we get home, the other option is i may put a blow up air bed on teh floor for him on our hols as dont want him falling out of bedimage

I have a duvet already but need to find him a pillow... any recommendations on a good toddler one?  Some I have seen have had bad comments like they are way too big for LO's.

I would just like to make it as stress free for him (and me!!) as possible. Any advice anyone can give much appreciated.image

PS Sorry I always flippin waffle on!!!


  • hi ya have you heard of the catalogue vertabaubet? (not sure thats the right spelling)
    anyway they do a base sheet will a zip that attaches a duvet to it so your child is secure within
    if your nifty with a needle & thread you could make this maybe
    it would also travel well for your holiday too!
    i think this would be great for Harry as he is used to a secure gro bag
    i found that a wall & bedside table give security at the head area & a bed guard are great
    or you could just try a matress on the floor?
    good luck
    ps looks like i waffle a bit too!!
  • I had a new bed for Jacob, so put the spare cot mattress on the floor for incase he fell out.

    I think making the change whilst on holiday is a good idea, as he will probably be tired from being out and doing things all day that he will sleep easily and get used to being in a bed without knowing it.

    We went on holiday in Jan and he had to sleep in a double bed with my mum, when we returned home he immediately jumped out of his cot. No way was he going back to the cot, so we got a bed the next day.

    Have seen these things called Dream Tubes to prevent kids falling out of bed, they seem really good. Saw them after Jacob got used to the bed though...doh!
  • We did that for the first couple of nights with our kids.I never bought a guard for any of them but they seemed to find the edge of the bed in just a few days,and the old cot matress stopped them getting hurt.My 5 year old still flings himself round his bed in his sleep,that's just him,you go in there and he'll be upside down,a couple of hours later sideways,and he'll change position all night,but doesn't fall out.
    It was actually less of an upset and more something new and exciting.I bought them each a new pillow and duvet set with their favourite character on.I just bought a standard pillow and single duvet.They liked to be able to snuggle up on their bed for a story,they loved their special covers and they still had all their usual teddies.I put those mostly at their end of the bed at first so it didn't feel quite so big,and made it more familiar.
    The getting out of bed's no more a problem than when they were in the cot,all of mine could climb out by then anyway so that wasn't a huge change.
    Teaching him to pull his own covers up,just get him to do it each time,don't do it for him so he knows how to do it.I wouldn't use a gro bag with a duvet oo,that's going to be very warm,maybe that's just something that can be put away now he has a new big boy bed and new big boy covers.
    There are a lot of lovely gadgets and products you can buy,but however nice they are ,they're not really necessary.You can often deal with /fix/get the job done just as easy without.
  • We moved mia into her own room at 7 months & into a single bed at 14 months. She loved laying in our bed for cuddles in a morning. We got my parents to have her for a sleep over & surprised her with her new look room when she came home. We'd got a new carpet, Peppa Pig bedding & curtains & a little Hello Kitty cushion. We'd put her bed against the wall with one of those bed guards to stop her rolling out. When she came home we showed her what we'd done to her room & she loved it. We went up early to bed & all played games in her room so she was nice & relaxed. She slept great from the first night. We'd let her take as many soft toys into bed as she liked that night. Now she only has one bear & Ellie the elephant that was her first ever toy. When we go up now she runs into her room & tucks herself in waiting for her kiss goodnight. I think the playing altogether in the room was great for relaxing her after the initial excitement.
  • Hi, we recently put our son into his big boys bed at 2y and 9mth. What helped him was he helped his daddy put it together and then he helped me put on all his new bed linen. By the time we finished and he had helped with everything he was just so excited that he asked to go to And he slept for 2 hours that nap. I think it was because he wasnt so confined and wasnt hitting the edge of the cot all the time. We have not had any trouble at all with it. He calls it his "good boys bed"
  • Hello All,

    Thanks for the advice,

    I am converting his cot bed into a bed, so I won't have an old mattress or be able to let him help choose that kind of thing (although he can help chose the bedding and he is loving toy story at the moment so I think it will be Buzz all the way!).

    I quite like the idea of the dream tubes as very portable, however they are quite expensive (in comparison to a guard although they do go the whole length of the bed) and take up space in the bed and a cot bed is not that big.   The zip on duvet sounds good (bump to 3 do one too - the makers of gro bag)

    I may get a bed guard but may bite the bullet just put him straight in the cot bed and use an old single mattress or a few extra pillows to prevent him hurting himself should he fall out.    

    Holiday a week monday so will be putting it to practice after that, yippeee.

    You are right there are lots of gadgets about and some of these things we really dont need.... I am always easily drawn in.

    Thanks again. x

  • Hello

    We went on holiday - Harry slept quite well in the bed but a bit cheeky in trying to get up.

     Back from our Jollies and he is in his own bed with his Buzz Lightyear duvet, my auntie gave me a bed guard she no longer needs and he is doing quite well. Two nights in and he is sleeping okay, plus one day nap there.

    He keeps getting up but not quite out of bed (yet! thankfully).   He moans when I leave him but rather than trying to get him to lie down I walk out the room or I will just have a fight on myhands.

    I am not sure if he is just in a good habit of staying in bed or just hasnt worked out he can get out of bed if he wanted to and I am sure not gong to tell him LOL.

    Cheers everyone.

  • Sounds like it's going wellimage mmm Tom couldn't work out how to get out,but Jc cracked it within the hour suprise supriseimage we hear heavy footsteps by the bookcase,then fits of giggles and Tom whispering his request from the bookcase!!!

    I'm now unsure wether number 3 will share tooimage

  • LOL, I can just imagine that -  JC sounds like my nephew Max, a little bit naughty and very very cheeky.  I think its adorable when they have so much character - Harry is much more quite and shy but still adorabubble!      I imagine thats what it would be like if my nephew shared a room with Harry.

     At the childminders when they are supposed to be napping the other children talk normally but harry understand they hear them on the monitor and whispers but they still hear him!

    Is it hard when they share a room, do they wake each other up once asleep or not too bad?

  • Tbh best thing we ever did! Jc didn't settle well as a baby,then when he was 9mth we put them in together and for the first time ever he dropped off without fuss or tears,we've never looked backimage

    Tom must be good influence,he loves his sleep! We have say 10mins of whispering giggling then they normally drop off. As long as they're not annoying each other I let it slide,I find it cute to listen to!!!! They have never woken the other up,heavy sleepers like myself!!!!!

    Mmmm Jc is a bit naughty,a hell of bit cheeky and has PLENTY of character,spirited we say!!!! Satan we mean!!!!!

  • Oh thats brilliant I bet it is very cute to listen to.

    LOL -  better that than over shy and not wanting to explore and have fun,  me and my sister are opposite - she is a chatterbox and was a bit naughty as a kid i was good and quite and shy -  she has more friends and has always been more outgoing than me and i think thats sort of confidence takes you a long way.

  • Are you the eldest? My brother who is older is very shy,I tend to think second children are more outgoing,does this mean my third will be even cheekier???image  Obviously I'm a second childimage
  • LOl, yes i am the oldest...  we should have been five bros' & sisters but my mum had lots of complications in pregnancy / birth we were both premature and she lost the othersimage.

     Apparently i used to sit quietly doing my colouring and my sister would come up and tear up my pictures or pull my hair etc..........  My mum used to put her in the bathroom when throwing a tantrum and she would nearly kick the door down - or that is what it sounded like and she would have been 4 years or younger as we didnt live with my mum between then and a lot later (4 & 8  and then 12 & 16) - very long story.

     Not sure what happens with third children.  I dont know many families with more than 2 LO's.    My mums family is  John eldest brother - very confident, maria - second child very quiet. My mum third child really really cheeky and a bit naughty, anna, confident and tony - very confident - but the are italian and boys are very different in italian families i think LOL.

  • Your ma was third and she was cheeky? Oh great!!!!

    I'm sure it does vary family to family,my good friend has 9 children,and they seem to have got better behaved,although she seems to think it's her patience and tolerence levels have improved over time!!!!!


    Harry in his bed, with his covers on for once! He was just "testing" it out when we first put his covers on - now he wont put duvet over him of a night but he hasnt woken up cold - YET!   May have to buy him one of those all in one fleece things Jo has mentioned before now if he continues with that in the winter!

  • Oh god he looks so grown up,bless x what a cutie x x
  • Yea had the same problem with my little one peeing. So I just ended up buying waterproof matress and duvet protectors from

    Niki xxx

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