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Going abroad with a lactose intolerant child? Anyone!

Hi everyone,

Hope you can help!

We would like to go on holiday abroad this year but our little boy is lactose intolerant. I just wondered if anyone else has a LO with this intolerance and has been to Europe and got on? I have tried to find out if the milk etc we use is stocked abroad but it is proving difficult to find out!

Thanks for any replies, much appreciated. xx


  • Hi, my sister has experienced this sort of problem and found it easiest to take her usual formula along in her luggage (they may ask you to taste any in hand luggage to prove no drugs). As for foods once out there, most good resorts will stock a reasonable amount of our recognisable brands or will speak good enough english to be able to advise on ingredients. Best wishes
  • Thanks KazzieM.

    My LO isn't on formula any longer unfortunately so I would need to buy lacto free milk in country which could be a little tricky!

    Maybe we are doomed to a few more years holidaying in the UK, oh how I long for the sun though!!!
  • hi. lizzie (18 months) is allergic to milk protien and we went to jamaica in january just gone when she was 12 months. we took her milk with us-soya milk. what milk do you use?

    we took some toddler meals with us incase we had trouble finding her foods but tbh it was ok. they had plenty of fresh fruit (she is also allergic to strawberrys and mangos) and also they had potatoes and fresh meats (boiled ham,chicken ect) so they was fine. we took rice cakes with us and dairy free chocolate buttons and also some soya puddings. the resort had jelly for children so she just avoided the flavours she cant have (if it was red we advoided it as no one could tell us if it was strawberry or raspberry,lol)

    as i said it was ok and we only used about 2 of the toddle meals we took and that was on evenings when she was hungry before the restrant was open.

    we were on a 10 hour plan journey and survived it fine so im sure you will do great if only going to europe.

    if you need to take food/milk on the plane for your LO just ask your gp for a note outlining why you need to do so (they would have done it before) and they dont charge you for it either. have this with you at check in/passport control and also for bag searches. we had to taste lizzies jarred food for the plane but they didnt make us taste her soya milk (had small carton in hand luggage) as they didnt sell it airside.

    hope this helps a bit. if you want to know anything else just ask image

  • how old is ur lo? we went to belgium when ds (cmpi) was 11months old... had no problems really, took his wysoy with us, had a bit of a 'mare trying to get soya cheese over there, had to get from health food shops, but the supermarkets in general stock a much better range of dairy free foods than the UK does (inc aldi, carrefour etc)
  • Does he drink soya milk? Alpro is based in Belgium so you should be able to find its products in France. Otherwise try looking for Valio Zero milk or "lait sans lactose" in the Bio section of the supermarket. Valio is also available in Spain, Baltics, Switzerland etc.

    Do you really need to have the milk? Could he last the duration of the hoilday without it?
  • Hi,

    We tried him on soya products for a while but they didn't agree with him unfortunately. My LO is 2 and a half now so I am not sure I could go a whole week without giving him any milk as he needs it for calcium. He can tolerate a little bit of whole milk, mainly yogurts.

    The US would probably be better but it is a long flight especially when he hasn't been on a flight before! Oh, I really don't know what to do - ggrrhh.
  • My feeding specialist at GOSH has said that plenty of children are fine without milk. We're trying to wean my 9 month off it right now (because he is tube-fed and dairy intolerant) and I was really worried about calcium but she said not to worry about it. A 2.5 year old can definitely go for a week.
  • GC but just wanted to say that lactofree do long life uht milk, that might be worth a look at? My daughter had a temporary lactose intolerance and we used the lactofree range which was great x
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