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dreading september

My little angel is starting school in september and i am really dreading it, i dont no if its normal but i am having sleepless nights and suffering  sudden panick attacks, i know every child has to go to school but i just dont no how my daughter will cope she still wont socialise well with other kids despite going to nursery for nearly 2 years, she has been to two visits were she hung onto my leg and refused to talk to her teacher or just answered no to everything the teacher said.

i keep trying to encourage her despite my own resentment to sending her and try to make her excited about it but she still gets upset and says she doesnt want me to leave her there.

i know when i take her on her 1st day it will be almost impossible for her to leave me and i cant bare the thought of leaving her crying.

has anyone got any tips to make the run up to starting school easier for my daughter and me and any tips for that 1st day of school.

Also has anyone had a child that felt the same way as my daughter about going as i have spoke to some of the other mums and children and they seem so confident and excited. xxx


  • When my son started a new school last November he really reallly didn't want to go.He'd been to nursery for a year,then started reception in the old school,before we changed schools.Our first visit he clung to me,wouldn't speak to anyone,just kept telling me to take him home,and I actually had to remove him before he had a major paddy,which is jis normal reaction if he feels shy or self concious.The second visit was little better.
    One his first day he went for just the morning,and started half an hour later than the other children so the teacher could deal with any upset.I took him into the school through the office so there was no scene in front of the children and was suprised to find when I picked him up he was fine.He was supposed to go half day all week,but by Wednesday was fine all day.
    I expect your daughter's teacher will be expecting some upset little ones.Some schools have half days,some take the oldest of the year group first and a few more new childen the next day,and more the next so they don't have a class of upset children in one go.
    There are lots of books about starting school,maybe getting a few of those from the library to read together.Maybe buy uniform together.If the school hasn't broken up for summer yet,go for a walk to watch the children at playtime,to show your little one how much fun they're having.I'd avoid dwelling on it too much all the time,let it just be something you can talk about,have a story about,but also just enjoy the summer too,try not to make it a huge thing.Are there friends from nursery going too.Maybe arrange playdates if you can,also if you have a friend with a child at the school already who can tell your little one how exciting it is.
    A lot of little ones do cry on their first day at school,it is a big step,but as soon as they realise there actually is nothing to be scared of and they'll have a lot of fun they'll settle in just fine.Although we hate to admit it,they're also much better when we're not there too.
  • Hi Molly,

    Just wondering how it all worked out for you?

    My little girls starts school in 3 weeks ( I live in the Netherlands where tey have staggerd starts) and I am going throught the exact same thing as you were earlier this year. My little one is excited about going but I fear she will not be too happy when we actually get there. However it is more myself who is upset, nobody else I know has seemed to have the same issues but I am crying evrytime I think of her going to school. I'm not usually the crying type so this has come as a bit of a shock image

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