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Toddler getting out of bed and walking round the house in the middle of the night! Help!!

Hello, I really hope there is someone who can help, or at least give us some ideas as to what the problem is and how we can fix it...

DD is 26 months and has been in a bed for 6 months or so with no problems. Lately she has been waking in the morning earlier and earlier and is now getting out of bed herself. This happened a while ago and we went through the process of putting her back each time, and after a couple of weeks things returned to normal. At that time it was also suggested she was waking because she was hungry so I made a point of giving her more food later in the day, we all ate together etc to try and help and make sure she ate enough, and this seemed to work.

But now the problem is back! And it's worse..... we live in an apartment so she can easily get from her room to the living room. She has been getting up and we find her sat on the sofa! It started as waking at 6ish, then 5.45, 5.30, but this morning she was up and about at 4.30am! We have a couple of gates in place, so we've tried putting those across which just makes her stand there and cry, today we got her back to bed, and closed her door so she would find it difficult to get out (I feel so bad about this, practically locking her in!), and she stayed in bed (although I did hear her try the door twice), but cried every 20 mins or so, until 6.15am when I decided to get her up, so hubby could get a bit more sleep before he needs to get up for work.

Has anyone else been through similar? What did you do? Was it just a phase?? We are really getting to the end of our tethers.. image
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