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what age did you go from cot to toddler bed??

hi everyone

can i just ask what ages your toddlers were when you first put them in there own bed? and how did it go?

thanks image


  • we went in to a toddler bed at 13 months as he was tryng to climb out, apart from the novelty of the first night we havent looked back, he gets himself in for bed and out in a morning, i love hearing him coming in to tell me its morning and coming for a snuggle image
  • we moved dd1 well before she was a year a half (if i rememebr correctly it was like 15 months old i think.

    lizzie is 18 months (on 29th) and is still in her cot with no plans to move her just yet.

    we might move her near xmas as my girls might be swapping rooms and she will go into the big bedroom into toddler bed but she will be 2ish at that time.

    when we moved dd1 we put up a mesh side to prevent her falling out and she is now in a cabin midi sleeper bed and is 6,never had any trouble swapping to bed and she loved choosing bedding for her big girls bed!

  • We moved DD at about 20 months as she kept hanging over the top of her cot so I was afraid she would throw herself out. I would have preferred her to stay in cot longer. No problems with moving her though, and she slept well for 6 months or so....only lately have we had problems with her getting out of bed, either really early in the morning or in the middle of the night, but I think that's 'just a phase!' and we might be over it soon.
  • the week after he turned two... first couple of weeks went well, then had a bad patch of him in and out all night, but seems to have resolved now xx
  • My DS is 27 months and still in a cot and doesn't seemed to be in any hurry to climb out. We stayed at MIL's on Sunday night and he had to sleep on a sunlounger mattress on the floor, and I was worried he might get in and out all night but he was fine! Thinking of moving soon, but agree that there is no right time, all toddlers are different so do it when you feel right!
  • My cheeky monkey climbed out of her cot bed for the first time last night. She is 29 months. Was hoping to keep her in cot bed til 3 years old, but I think I will wait and see if it is likely to continue before taking bars off.
  • Hi Hun,

    DD was 21 mths and decided the time was right as she fell out and landed on her head ... I felt terrible.

    She was really excited the 1st night and loved the fact that she could get up and about but she never ever ever comes out of her room.

    Never had any problems other than i still keep a pillow at the side of her bed as she occasionally "rolls out" and I have to go put her back lol !!

  • Well I am moving lo into a bed this weekend because she got out for the 2nd time yesterday. So we will go out shopping on Saturday for a new duvet and cover etc.
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