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where do you get your LOs shoes from? So far Emily has had one pair from Clarks so would like to get some more but they dont have much of a range.

Elaine & Em x


  • we get our girls shoes from clarks. what size feet does your LO have? i have found there is more choice as the feet get bigger. lizzie has 4.5f and she has had cruisers,walking shoes (couple of pairs,im not keen on the painted ones but she has had them!) and the doddles from clarks. the doddles have lasted the longest but we have just brought her a pair of sandles from clarks too which were ??15

  • she is a 3.5 f and has walkers. image
  • lizzie is 18 motnhs and as i said only 1 size bigger so i feel for you on the lack of choice. have you looed online at as there will probably be more choice there then in a smaller shop xx
  • We use Clarks too for one pair of good shoes. Then we get other shoes (like wellies and sandles) from Asda, Tesco etc x
  • I buy most of their shoes from clarks, but I bought Nym an adorable pair of kitty shoes from next. Next shoes seem to fit a e-f clarks width in most of their little person shoes. Not much good if you need a g or h, but luckily my girls have had quite narrow feet. image

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