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Holiday Q - Cot or bed for toddler

Looking to go on holiday abroad later in the year for the first time. She is still in a cot bed at the moment. My 29month can just about fit in a travel cot, but time Sept/Oct comes, she may not.

I am reluctant to take the sides off cot at the moment, but I guess if I put her in a bed, I need to get use to one first??

What does your lo sleep in when on holiday, if you go abroad - cot or bed? Or do you take a roll up bed with you?

What are your experiences?



  • We've been away the last couple of weekends, only in the UK and to family but we really couldn't be bothered to lug the travel cot down for my son who's 27 months. So he slept on a sunlounger mattress on the floor by our bed and he loved it. Had no issues with him sleeping, think he was so active during the day he was shattered in the night! then I took a pillow and a blanket and his sleeping toys and he was fine!
  • also, because he was only on a thin mattress I wasn't worried about him falling off in the night, as he's still in a cot!
  • when my eldest was younger we had a ready bed for her. you can buy them in argos and they are like a blow upo bed with a built in duvet and pillow and they are fab!

  • as ours is in a bed he goes in a bed when we go away as theres no way he would tolerate a cot, i would say to carry on with what they are use to to avoid further unsettlement to being away

  • DD is 2 at the end of the month. We took her away in June and just used the beds there

    First one was a caravan in Devon, the beds were very thin and she fell out once. The second was a chalet in IOW, the beds were nice single beds like you would have at home, and she was absolutely fine

    She still sleeps in a cot at home but we will be moving her over very soon! x
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