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Night Terrors!

Anyone else suffering with these?

My LO has been the last couple of weeks (since we removed his dummy actually!). He had a few nights of them, then nothing then another one last night. Throwing himself around the bed, and crying but still asleep. Last night, i rubbed his back and sang a lullaby but it kept on, until eventually he woke up. We had a cuddle and I made him some milk but it's not a nice experience! And I'm shattered today, took me ages to go back to sleep!

I'm not sure if there is anything we can do, or if we just need to let them run their course, just wondered if anyone else was having, or has had, the same!



  • This isn't going to make you feel much better but I found there is very little you can do but they grow out of it. Abby had night terrors from 2 until about 2yrs 7 months. She has only just stopped having them. We found that they were a lot worse if she was overtired and had missed her daytime nap.
  • hayden has had quite a few of these, but touch wood we havent had any for a good few weeks. the first few times he did it i didnt realise what was going on and tried cuddles, taking him into my bed etc but this just made it so much worse. what i found it was best to gently talk to him no touching and sometimes just to leave him to it, but return every few mins to reasure him everything was okay. there were the few nights where he was that bad he did wake himself up but atleast if it got to this stage we could cuddle a nd calm him down quicker.

    Alot of children have these terrors and is way more common than i first realised. but i found from alot of mums that there really isnt anything to stop them and have to just let them take their course and grow out of it.

    hope your lo dosnt have too many.

    love fiona
  • Thanks both!
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