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Need some toy suggestions please.

The last thing I bought was a washing machine for James, last month, because he enjoys playing with the one from nursery. But he needs something else new, as I'm sure he's bored with the ones he has. I do try to go to the bottom of the toy box, to get something he hasn't played with in a while. But some of them are obviously too young for him now.

Any suggestions of anything your lo has enjoyed? I'd like something educational for his age, but I'm willing to look at everything! :lol:

Thanks. xx


  • My DD is into toy ovens and cooking at the moment. She's also fascinated by clocks, turning the hands around. Her keyboard is another well used item (we're actually starting to attempt tunes now)
  • Hi,

    We've just got the Fisher Price Little People Farm. M is really into animals and animal noises at the moment and loves all the sounds it makes.

    She really enjoys putting the cow in and out of it's house because it moos every time she opens the door!

    K x
  • Finley is really into dressing up at the moment. I have made adressing up box with sunglasses, hats, some of his dads old shirts, chiffon scarves and bracelets (home made with pasta). He absolutely loves it.

    He also has a sound basket which has got wooden spoons, a shaker, jingle bells, sweet tin lid, small gift boxes, buttons on elastic and a net bag filled with shells. He adores this too. I dont leave it out all the time but get it out when he seems to be getting bored.
  • ditto to the above, my DD (2 years) loves anything role play - kitchen stuff, tea set, broom, push chair, bags, purses.

    she also enjoyes threading beads (although still needs 1:1 support with this)

    she loves drawing and colouring on her table and chair set

    oh and her scuttle bug bike is great entertainment and keeps her amused for ages. when her little friends come round there is always a little bit of arguing over whos turn it is!

    enjoy shopping!!!

    (I love the dressing up box idea, I may have to get one of those set up for my little angel) x
  • i was going to suggest a toy hiiver! lizzie loves to try and play with the real thing! she also loves her dollys (maybe a contervisal issue,maybe not) but i think they are great toys for both boys and girls, she loves pushing them round inan old pram of dd1's so going to get her a new one for birthday/xmas.

    lizzie also had a small laptop like toddler pc thingy (its plastic and opens up like a lapopt but has about 12 buttone on it, and each makes a different noise and it has 3 different games to play with these 12 buttons. shes not overly interested in it other than beating the buttons but maybe worth a look??

  • James doesn't take much notice of cuddly toys, so not sure he's be overly interested in dolls. But it's a thought. If you are talking about the VTech laptop, James got it for Christmas, and got it out the toy box today. Kept pressing doorbell....ding dong....arrow! :lol:

    I need to have a proper look what's about. But think I will get an aquadoodle or equivalent. Possibly some Happyland toys. He loves the doors of my friend's lo's toy kitchen, but not sure he'll pretend play.

    Keep the ideas coming! image xx
  • dd1 had an auqadraw and lizzie loves playing with that too! not only is it clean fun but stops her drawing in biro on my leather sofa!!!

  • He's not a huge fan of books. he won't sit and listen to a story, needs to take the book off you. He'll open flaps, and I point out which animal is in 'Dear Zoo'. I also have a noisy Chuggington book, but he only presses the buttons once or twice, then gets bored!

    Yeah the aqua mats are a huge advantage for the safety of the furniture and probably the walls, at some point! :lol: :roll: xx
  • oh I forgot to say my DD loves her train set and farm yard too, it keeps her amused for ages. The train set is a 'Little Steps' one, it does say 3 years plus but there aren't any small pieces so I am not entirely sure why, I find a lot of toys she loves say 3 years plus but are ok.

    The farm yard my husband built for her using off cuts of wood and we painted it for her, she collected a few animals since christmas and birthday. all her little friends love them too when they come to play.

    (I would add a photo of the farm but I have no idea how to add images to these threads)
  • Emilia is really into her shape sorters and banging her pegs into her peg bench! That and the usual dolls and kitchen. Like mia she also like to do what mummy does so has her own broom, dustpan and mop she follows me around with.

    Threading beads is also a fav. She loves books and often dissapears and I find her sitting in her quite corner looking at books.

    Have you asked at the nursery what he normal plays with - maybe they could suggest things he is really in to??

  • I bought a washing machine because James likes the one at nursery. He kind of has a play with everything! The most reent is a playmat with cars, fire engines etc on it, that he stands on. But don't know where to get one of those. xx
  • It's a mat, and when you stand on a car it makes a car sound, if you stand on a fire engine it's a siren etc. xx
  • DD likes jigsaw puzzles, and also those sheets of wood you get where you put the shape in it's corresponding hole. x
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