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Milk from a cup

did anyone have a problem getting lo to switch from bottles to cups for milk? What are your experiences with it?

I stopped giving lo milk in a bottle for a her morning milk on Sunday, and she drinks very little or nothing from it and I am a bit worried that she will refuse to drink milk for her breakfast.

She picked the cup herself, and now doesn't like the cup. So I use a bottle but with a cup lid on it. She does drink milk from another cup in the evening no problems - but she used to always drink more milk in the morning.

Should I buy her another cup? Will she get use to it eventually?

I can't bring the bottles back as she thinks they have been sent to the baby lambs.



  • how old is your LO? lizzie is 18 months and has nxt to no milk! she is under cionsaltant care for allergys and we were told as long as she is having a varied diet not to worry too much about how much milk she has.

    we give her flavoured milk evry couple of days and she has calicum from other products too and she has milk on her cereals.

    i found lizzie only likes 1 cup for drinking milk from (well that or a straw!) have you tried a straw?

  • Skye is 29 months. Have tried a straw and not interested. Used stickers this morning and she did drink out the same cup as her evening milk, so I know she can do it. She doesn't take much milk in her cereal because she is fussy with her cereals and wont eat ready break or wheatabix.

    it is good to know what your consultant says about the varied diet.
  • Elysia was exclusively breast fed and I continued BFing up until 14 months so we never used bottles, and when I started trying to give her milk in a cup she totally refused for a long, long time. (Although she was used to drinking from a cup and has used a sippy for water from the age of 6 months). I despaired of her ever drinking milk again. Then one day she suddenly got it, and now she drinks milk three times a day in a sippy cup, as well as her sippy of water which she always has on the go. So I think my advice would be persevere and she'll get it in the end. But don't worry if she doesn't, and as someone else said above as long as she's getting a good amount of dairy in her diet she'll be fine.
  • Thanks Reenyree. How long did it take your lo to start drinking from a cup. Were you ever tempted to give her milk via a bottle?
  • Amber is also bf and has always refused a bottle point blank. She would also never have milk from her sippy cup. She'd have 1 taste, realise it wasn't water and throw it. This last few weeks she's started drinking milk from a big girl cup-2 handles, no lid, and has really cracked it this last few says. She's just turned 17 months. So maybe try milk from a way she doesn't have water and definitely ditch the bottles! They shouldn't really be having a bottle much after turning one!
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