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Buggy boards?


just wondering if anyone uses a buggy board and weather they would reccomend one?

My little girl is 2 (will be 3 in Oct) and very rarly uses her pushchair any more.

I have the Silver cross Classic pram and chassis that i intend to use for the new baby. I also have a stroller for my little girl. I have a papoose carrier that i will put baby in, if my little girl does need to go in either pushchair while out, but thought about a buggy board for arround town etc.

What does everyone reccommend?

Also which one?

And does anyone know which buggy board would fit on the silver cross pushchair?



  • no idea but I was wondering the same! I'm due in january and my son will be 3 in March. He walks most places but then when he gets tired wants to sit in the buggy!
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