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Arching back when putting toddler into car seat/pram!!!

My daughter has started arching her back and screaming everytime I try to put her in her car seat or pram, it normally takes up to five minutes to calm her/bribe her and even force her to sit down which I absolutely hate. Is this just a phase? Is there anything else I can do??


  • They all do it at some point and my method was to ignore him and just bundle him in regardless no matter how much he protested, it's exhausting!
  • If I had problems getting lo in the car seat I would try and distract her by saying that if she goes in her seat, we can put on x CD on, or saying that if she goes in her seat, she can watch peppa pig at home. If this didn't work, I would keep her in the back seat and put the music on, and she would often go in.

    Re the pram, I tended to keep her out and let her walk. but if I really needed her in the pram, I had to hold her in and quickly fasten the seatbeat thing.

    She does occasionally play up and she is 30 mths.
  • We go through this quite often. I either use bribery or force to get DD in! She settles quickly once she's in the seat, even if she's been very upset while I've been trying to get her in. She is 27 months now, and actually it's not happening so much these days (touch wood!).
  • i unfrotunatly got to the pioint sometimes where i would literally have to scoop hayden up , bend him in half and get him in the seat asap!!!! it is such an exhausting "precedure" geting them in their seats sometimes. hes too big for that now so we have resorted to bribary of a wee gummy bear but we have run out of his fav colour so need to replenish stocks lol.
  • Thank you for your replies, its nice to know I am not alone!! And yes and soon as she is fastened up she is absolutely fine!! Little monkey!! x
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