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Questions to ask when viewing potential nurseries for toddler?

I am looking at nursery options for my DD for January and have found a few I'm going to visit. What kind of questions should I be asking when I visit? I'm usually very much a gut instinct kind of person so if I like somewhere and it feels nice i'd go for it, but I want to make sure i've got everything covered so I can find the right place. Any advice appreciated!


  • I think gut is a good starting point. It is what I would do too.

    Just base questions around what's important to you and your child.

    Do you go outside everyday?

    Will he/she see his key person every day?

    What inside activities do you do with the kids?

    Do you let them watch TV?

    Do they have a learning journey book or something similar?

    Will you get a daily update of what he/she has been up to for that particular day?

    I also wish I had asked for a copy of a sample menu. As at his new nursery I think they are really good and he loves it, but their food is pretty poor and we have chosen to send him snacks etc on the days where I think thy are being served something unsuitable. I guess you can't have it all!

    Not sure that helped you much?
  • I'd start by reading the OFSTED report for the nursery. If that raises any points for improvement, ask what steps they've taken to achieve them.

    I'd also ask if they'll let you do an unannounced visit. The nursery I eventually chose let me do that and I knew then that they had nothing to hide from me.

    Ask if they have a sample daytime routine.

    Ask where the children nap in the day, and if they follow the individual's routine or enforce their own.

    Ask about staff turnover, qualifications, whether they are encouraged to undertake further training etc.

    Have a look at the quality of the toys, to see if they're broken or dirty.

    Ask what's included in the price eg food, nappies, wipes, drinks etc.

    You'll know what is important to you and what you're prepared to compromise on.
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