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Double buggy or not?

Hi ladies

Hubs and i are ttc baby number 2. DD is 26 months and will either be just under 3 or just over when new baby is born hopefully.

I was just wondering whether you would bother buying a double buggy or just a normal one? She's pretty fed up with her pushchair now so i doubt very much if she'll still be using it when she's 3?

What are your experiences?


  • There's only 21 months between my youngest 2, so I definately needed a double. I went for the Babyjogger City Select, which can convert from a single to a double, and back to a single again - and it's been fab.

    DS2 is now 27 months and wanting to be walking more. He is into everything though, and wants to pick everything up in shops, so while we are trying to walk with him more often, the advantage that we can put him in a pushchair and strap him in is one that I wouldn't swap for the world. I will soon be looking for a buggy board for him, but for now, he's not yet able to walk while I push the buggy.

    What I'm trying to say (not very well), is that maybe you could research double buggies, but not make a decision on it until closer to your due date so you can gauge how well your lo manages out of the pushchair.

  • i think it depends on a few things, how good a walker they are, do they still nap and are they well behaved as in walking by the side of you, not likely to run off

    DS was only 18 months when DD arrived so ours was a must, my best friend has a 3 year gap and they havent bothered although she hasnt ventured out with them alone x
  • I'm currently searching for a double buggy / tandem, I have a 2 year old and a 10 month old, I have the i candy but its getting too heavy and I'd now like a lighter pram but I'm having no joy at all!!

    I agree - research - more info is needed! People say tandems are hard to push, not a lot of room for babu at the back but side by sides do not fit through most doors??

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

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