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How do I get her to drink milk from cup?!

Hi ladies,

Similar post to one below this, however my little one is 11 months, and my HV has told me that by the time she turns 1, she shouldn't be drinking from her bottle.

I have tried the milk in 2 different cups so far, both have handles and lids, and she will take a mouthful or two, and then throw the bottle away. If I persist, she just gets stroppy. When I put the milk back into her bottle, she guzzled it down.

She is clearly hungry, so how do I go about changing from bottle to cup? Do I keep doing what I'm doing?

My second question I'd, how did you go about changing from formula, to cows milk? My LO is on Comfort formula ass she suffered from very bad wind and reflux when she was a little baby. She gets cows milk( full fat) in her cereal in the morning. Any tips on making e switch?

Thank you in advance xxx


  • First I want to say that I think that 1 is quite young to take bottle away, I would wait til 18 months to 2yrs.

    However, if you really want to do this than I think the only way is to not give her an alternative. I had the same problem trying to get my daughter to take a bottle when I was BF! In the end I had to completely refuse to BF her, Can you believe within a few hours that very evening, she took a bottle with no problems. She did scream for a good few hours when I refused her and it was hard but once I started I had to follow through! She was 14 months old then.

    About the cows milk, as soon as I switched to bottle feeding, I changed to cows milk and she's been fine with the switch. Before then I started using cows milk in cereals and breakfast like you.

    Good luck xx
  • My 13 month old is the same she only takes a mouthful or 2 from her beaker - rathr than removing her from bottles al together I give her her morning milk in abeaker and her supper in bottle as o want to ensure she's getting enOugh calcium I'm hoping she'll waltzer to take more from a beaker then I can switch her supper to a cup too. As for the change to cows milk I started by giving dd cows milk with her afternoon snack but formula with her am and pm bottles then went to 1 formula drink / 2 cows milk then onto exclusively cows milk , if you slowly increase it hopefully her little

    Tum will get used to it easier
  • I have had this problem with my 2.5 year old. We gave up the bottle about 1-2 months ago. She was having her milk out a cup for bedtime for about 6 months. She chose the cup herself from the cupboard and indicated that she wanted her milk in it. She drank from it at bedtime and my mum advised that if she can do it once, she can do it again, and not to go back. I still had problems getting her onto a cup for her morning milk. But in the end, we gave the bottles to the "baby lambs" - by hanging them out on the washing line for the bottle fairy to collect. That meant there was definitely no way of going back. She won't drink much milk out the cup in her highchair, so the only way she will drink her milk from a cup is if we sit together in the living room and room stories, and I remind her to drink her milk. This is what we do at bedtime.

    I did buy several cups - even one she picked herself, but end up using the same cup as bedtime. I offer stickers for drinking all her milk or some cheese which she loves.

    I have tried, with failure,using straws but didn't work. Other suggestions I have received is giving her hot chocolate with milk.

    good luck and let me know how you get on.
  • We phased out the day bottles and only offered a cup or water in his bottles, he took quite well considering he also goes to nursey a few days a week and saw other babas with bottles, I'd say it was about a week for him to get use to it. Now (hes 18 months) he only has a bed time bottle which I know he only drinks out of habit so we'll phase it out too...tho only just ditched the dummy so I'm putting that off.

    He was a silent reflux baby (tho much better now) at his 1year check they said get him on to cows milk, which he reacted badly to, and his gastro doctor said he can stay on formula for as long as he likes, so we're going to phase it in when he is two and see if he takes to it better xxx

    I think the idea of getting them involved in choosing their cup or having it in a special box and just making a big deal when they drink from it is a really good idea xxx good luck
  • We were similar, we got rid of the morning bottle and kept the last-thing-at-night bottle, rather than trying to get rid all in one go, then changed the bedtime bottle when he was about 14 months. As for how to get her to start, I can only suggest perseverance, as we started DS on his doidy cup at 5 months so didn't have a problem with him drinking out of it as such, we just had a fight when we put milk in there! Lots of encouragement and Daddy making it a game helped. Good luck! 1 is 'early' to lose the bottles altogether, but it's not a bad thing, you can definitely still have a lovely cuddle while having milk in a cup, and once they're over 1 year old it's not quite as regimented how much milk they need.

    On the cows' milk front, we just switched, we already knew he loved it because he'd had it in his porridge for ages. We just warmed it to the same temp he had his formula and it took to it fine. I don't know the ins and outs of reflux though, it might be worth chatting to the HV as I don't know if it makes the switch different, iyswim.

    Em x x x
  • I remember struggling with this with Abby. In the end I just put the bottles away. For about 10 days she hardly drank any milk at all and then suddenly just gave in. I am now facing the same issue going from a lidded cup to an open one (she's 2.5 years). She is perfectly capable of drinking from an open cup but likes the comfort of a sprout, especially at bedtime.

    H xx
  • Apologies if this goes out 3 times it's my first time and having trouble posting!...

    My son is 15 months old and I'm currently trying to get him to switch from a bottle to beaker. I have tried different spouts but now trying a soft one but he takes a few sips and that's it!! (he doesn't want to let it go though!!) from today I'm going cold turkey as have been mixing both for the last few days and think its confusing?! But now he hasn't had a full amount of milk for 3-4 days I'm hoping he'll eventually give in like blondefriend above said???!
  • P.s he drinks juice and water fine from beakers! X
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