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Scared of the hoover!

My 19 month DD has suddenly become scared of the hoover when she never used to bother about it and would carry on playing if I was hoovering.

Now she bursts into tears as soon as she sees it, runs away and hides and continues to cry until it stops.

What do I do? Carry on and hope she gets over it or something else? I don't want to make the situation worse but I need to get the hoovering done, the house is a tip!


Mrs B xxx


  • ahahahahaha thought it was only my daughter that did this, she's just turned 18 months and now runs to the corner and cries if the hoover is on, she's always been fine before now, I even used to hoover around her on the floor lol! I turn it off after 5 mins and tell her its ok and bring her over to touch it and then carry on, it calms her down a bit but doesn't stop her i'm afraid image
  • Brilliant, thanks ladies - sounds like it's just a phase then. Might use it as an excuse to get her a one of those toy Dyson's so she can copy Mummy!

    Mrs B xxx
  • well we dont have this with the hoover yet but we do with baths when he has had a bath everynight since the day we came home. He is also scared of the little seaside rides whereas we used to have tears when we tried to get him off. I find it really sad that our little ones are starting to realise that the world is not as sugar coated as we have tried to make it and realising fear. Necessary but a little sad.

    ps how are you sweets x
  • My son did this but when he was about 12 months. I used to hold him when I started hoovering, then after a while I would put him down and Hoover away from him. Seemed to work for him & he is now obsessed with the thing!! X
  • we have gone through this phase, now he likes to play with it, we still have a meltdown with things like drills though!
  • i think for most children it is just a phase although saying this my eldest has sensory issues related to asd and is scared to death of the hoover even tho she sees Lizzie happily playing with it whilst im hoovering! tbh i think its the noise more than anything with most children x
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