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Routines at 1?


Could I please have you share your babies routines when they were 1! Since my LO was sick a few weeks ago all routines seem to have gone out of the window which I'm sure aren't helping her sleeping at night!





  • which routine, night time?

    My lo went through a funny phase where everything went out of the window about that age, and again at the mo (she's 18 months). Lo has dinner around 5pm, watches cbeebies/plays until 6.30pm then bath (doesn't have a bath everyday), then bottle cuddles and in bed for 7pm.
  • 7am - wake up, nappy change, breakfast.

    8am - brush teeth and get dressed.

    9:30am - nap.

    10am - wake up, nappy change.

    12pm - lunch.

    12:30pm - nappy change, nap.

    2:30pm - wake up, nappy change, beaker of milk and a biscuit or piece of fruit.

    5:30pm - dinner.

    6pm - bath (or wash face and hands, we only bath every other day), brush teeth, into jammies.

    6:30pm - beaker of formula.

    7pm - bed.

    Obviously we go on an outing either in the morning or the afternoon. image Hope that helps.

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