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milk intake 18 months

How much are your lo's having?

My lo is on toddler formula, she went through a phase of being sick if she had cows milk as a drink, now she will have a few sips and that's it, the look of absolute disgust on her face is a picture lol.

Anyway, she has 3 x 6oz bottles a day plus cheese and yoghurt most days, i'm thinking of cutting out a bottle (sippy cup) or maybe even going cold turkey and dropping formula completely?

Any experiences, what do you think?


  • Im still a fan of using toddler formula instead of cows milk. IMO it has so many more nutrients in. Ive only just stopped using it now as DD1 (22 months) really wasnt bothered by having it anymore- plus its expensive!!

    please dont take offence but 3 bottles of forumla a day for 18months seems rather alot to me? Doesn't it fill her up so much that she doesnt want much food? If shes eating well aswell though then thats brilliant! image
  • I don't take offence that easily image

    Yeah I realise it seems a lot now, I never really thought about it I suppose as she's been on the toddler formula from a year old when she needed to still have quite a high milk intake? It never occurred to me to drop it down a bit now we are 6 months on as she eats like a horse!

    I am thinking it might be a bit much now, I've dropped the afternoon bottle today and she didn't seem even slightly bothered?

    Formula is expensive tbh, nearly ??10 a tub now, shocking! I might try an afternoon drink of cows milk, she really doesn't seem to like it though bless her image
  • I think it is about 14oz of milk, so 2 bottles would be plenty, especially as lo also has dairy in her diet. xx
  • i would probably drop to 2 bottles, TBH i think the formula is a money making load of tosh after a year old, if your child is eating healthily and has plenty of dairy they shouldnt need it,

    have you tried the milk as different temps? when LO turned 12 months he would only have the milk warmed but now hes not fussed warm or cold x
  • Done! dropped the afternoon bottle and went on to warmed cows milk no problem! Every time I've tried it previously it hasn't worked, must just be the right time for her!
  • hi just seen this post. lizzie has soya milk but only has about 6oz as a drink a day! she has soya milk on her cereals and has soya puddings,yogurts and flavoured milk from time to time. thing is she has never been a fan of any kind of milk (i suppose you get like that when your allergic,lol) and her paed said not to worry once she is 14 months and eating a full range of food (and she is allergic to eggs,strawberrys mangios and wheat too) so if your lo is eating normally i wouldnt worry.

    glad your LO like the warmed cows milk xx
  • Sorry old is Lizzie??? xx
  • glad she took to the change x
  • she is 20 months on 29th of this month.

    it was at 14 months i last saw her paed about her milk and he said at that age milk isnt as big as worry. think i worded last post wrong,lol!

    she is 19 motnhs same age as Jamesimage

  • morellouk- im glad u didnt take offence, and im glad she decided to like cows milk too image and your right, formula is a COMPLETE rip off!!!
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