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Preparing no1 for no2

Hi ladies image

My son will be 23 months when our baby arrives, and although I am only 12 weeks pg, I am already worrying about how he will adjust. I wondered if anyone had been through this & had any tips/recommendations. I would like a book about it too (for me, although I plan on getting my DS books too), have looked at Tracey Hogg & a couple of others - does anyone know of any good ones?

Thanks so much image

Ruth xxxxx


  • Hiya Ruth,

    What Ive been doing with Blake is continuously telling him about the baby in mummys tummy, and how the baby belongs to Blake, Mummy and daddy. Ive also been showing him all the baby clothes and also going through his baby book and pictures with him, to show him when he was a baby himself. He is now grasping the idea that he is going to be a big brother, as when you ask him 'Who is a big brother?' he proudly points to himself and shouts 'Meeeeee', lol. We also plan to buy him a baby doll of his own from the baby, once they arrive, and when we introduce him to his new sibling, Im going to make sure that Im not holding the baby, so that Im free to give Blake lots of Mummy cuddles. Hope all is going well hun xx
  • We are pretty much doing the same - just generally trying to get her more aware of babies and that he will 'belong' (!) to her as well. My mum has bought her a little baby doll too. As you know she is only 16 months though so I'm hoping she will be less interested (in the nicest possible way!) x
  • our gap is 18 months so your LO will probably understand a lot more, DS came to my midwife appt and hear the HB etc and we refered to bump by name to get him use to it,

    the new arrival has been hard on him as i'm BF which takes a lot of time, but hes comming round, i try to get him sorted before i go to her so hes happy and try to do something with him on his own

    cant help on the books i'm afraid
  • Thanks girls image I found the Tracey Hogg toddler book on my shelf yesterday (no idea where it came from!). That has a chapter on second children and has some good tips in it. My main fear about having no2 is Benjamin being unsettled by it, so I'm very keen to do anything possible to minimise tge disruption. Theres a book, something about there being a house in my mummy's tummy which is meant to be excellent.

    Piggypops congratulations! how are you finding having 2??


    12 weeks today! (at last!)
  • I can't click on the link because I'm on my phone (alex left laptop charger at work weeks ago....), but it is this one:

    There's a board book version of it out in Jan so we're going to wait for that, too late for some though image

  • Lol, the two links are identical, didn't notice until I'd posted!! X
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