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Baby won't take bed time bottle at Grandparents?

Hi ladies,

Wondering if you can help. My 11 month old baby girl stayed at the inlaws for the first time last week. She refused to take her bed time bottle.

We stayed there again last night, this time i stayed too, and i bathed her and gave her a bottle as normal, and she gagged and threw up before I had even put the bottle in her mouth. It then took nearly 30 mins to soothe her to sleep.

When we are at home, she takes her bed time bottle no problem, goes to bed awake and babbles herself to sleep after around 10 mins.

Any ideas why she would be doing this with her bottle at the in laws house? I heated it up, so i know it was the right temp etc. Is she just aware that she is somewhere else? Doesnt make sense why she would refuse her bottle though - she usually LOVES her bottle!

Any ideas would be great! xxx


  • It may not seem like much but it is a change to their normal routine being in a different location. It could be anything from the unfamiliar surroundings to a change in temperature (my parents home is like a sauna compared to ours so DD always wears less and has less bedding when staying over there). If you were to stay there for a week you'd probably find LO adapts to the surroundings but would then struggle to readjust once back at your home. It's nothing you are doing wrong, it's just what they are used to doing, feeling and seeing. Occasionally a favourite toy and one of their usual blankets/towels can bring a familiar smell/comfort making things a little smoother.
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