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Guess what my lo did the other night?!

A few nights ago I was on the phone to my mum.  We have a cordless phone and for some reason I was walking to the other end of the room.  I heard a trickling sound and I turned round just in time to see my 18 month old daughter pouring orange juice into my trainers!!!  It wasn't like I'd had my back turned for ages.  This happened in a matter of seconds!

She wasn't fazed by my ticking off either!  Although it was one of those situations where I was trying to be serious with her while trying not to laugh at the same time (and I don't think I did a very good job of it either!).

I put my trainers in the washing machine and tumble drier (after pouring away the orange juice.  Trainers can hold quite a lot of liquid you know!) but they have since fallen to bits!

What funny things have your little ones been up to?  Have you had a situation where you couldn't keep a straight face?  Would love to read some of your stories.


  • Children can move so quickly!  It's a pity you have to fork out for new trainers, I hope she was due a new pair soon!
  • Sorry darkstar but that is funny!!!!! Doubt I'd have kept straight face!!!!! Whoops!!!!

    Aye they move very quickly.....let me think recently,Jc climbed on kitchen table ate half banana in under 15seconds.......then after a telling off did it again half hour later,licked every apple and bit into a pear........opened fridge and helped himself to salami,within about 10 seconds........wor a pair of my brandnew sandals outside in the rain,wearing just his t-shirt as he takes it upon himself to remove clothing.....poured half a talc container into laundry basket,while I shut a door less than a foot away....... That's enough now,I'm going to go check the fruit bowl for teethmarksimage

  • Sorry had to laugh.I love to hear of other people's little ones doing these things,you have to laugh but your supposed to be cross

    My 2 and 3 year old regularly raid the breakfast cupboard.We have cupboard locks but they can undo those.My one year old tried to copy them so I put the lock on,so he pulled the whole lock off,and helped himself to weetos,all the time saying "no" and shaking his head .My washing line was used as a roundabout,till it broke.I can see the attraction there.They also kindly rearranged all the markers I  put in my veggie garden when I planted,so I had no idea what was where,so it's been a bit of guesswork out there.One of the naughtiest deeds was 5 discs in one playstation,oops.My oldest two talcum powdered the whole flat we lived in then and on another occasion took a permanent marker and drew a mural that covered my entire front room wall.

    Todays little naughtinesses include Arwen shutting herself in the loo because she knew Matilda wanted to go,and waiting for her to wet herself.So mean,but not as mean as two of the older children waking Arthur up just after he'd gone to bed and telling him it was Christmas.

  • Ohh i love these stories,  make me laugh out loud and I am supposed to be at work! 

     I have been lucky so far with harry not too many of these stories to tell but he is getting more cheeky - not terrible twos for me more like terrible nearly threes!     I was trying to put him in time out the other day but he made me laugh, I couldnt keep it in eventually composed myself and put my serious face on and he did his time! 

    Arent they great.

    Ahhh waking up a LO saying its christmas.... thats not nice but I bet the children thought it was hilarious! 

  • I think the most costly naughtiness was Harry aged then about 5 ordering movies off the cable TV movie channel.We first knew when we saw £70  worth of movies we hadn't  watched appeared on our bill.Some were even within minutes of each other so it was obvious what happened.I phoned up to see if they'd let us off some and explained what happened,they were not help,but they did inform us that there were another £70 worth that had been ordered since the next billing dateimage.Perils of a child with a photographic memory.He must have seen the pin and used it.

    I did have a seriously hard time not laughing when the school told me Harry crashed the school safe.

    I think we have too many of these incidents.There's a facebook page S**t my kids Ruined.There was a link in a thread on here a couple of months back.Some of the stuff will have you in stitches

  • Hi

    I enjoyed reading all of your stories.  They made me laugh. 

    I was putting my shopping away the other day and my lo's helping out contribution was to peel the labels off some of the tins!  So now if I end up with tomato soup on my fish fingers I know just who to blame!

    Also she has a habit of hiding things under the settee.  It's amazing how far back she can push them!  Now if I can't find anything I know to look under the settee.  Today alone I found a CD I'd been looking for, a letter, a magazine and three pieces of one of her puzzles!

    And the other day I went to brush her hair only to find her brush full of dog hairs!  She's obviously been grooming the dog at some point but when she did it I just don't know!

    What will she get up to next!image

  • Ah the joys of parenthood!!!!!!!!! random tea i like it!! Does the dog look perfect now???!!!!!  Hope soimage I love your stories,makes Jc seem normal!!!!!

    Yesterday he was rude to Toms teacherimage god help her he's there next September!!!!!!!

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