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Crying when dropping off at nursery!

Hello all,

My son is nearly 30 months and has been attending the same nursery since he was 9 months. He started in the baby group, moved to the middle group and is now in the big group. The nursery is fab, and he gets on so well there, even when he went through a biting stage they were very supportive and found ways to help him.

However last week and this he has been crying, no make that screaming when I drop him off. This morning he didn't want to even leave the house but I bundled him into the car and we talked about all the exciting things he was going to do today, and what he was going to have for breakfast and what a big boy he was. But as soon as we pulled up and I went to get him out of his car seat, he started crying. When I tried to leave him he screamed and screamed until I handed him to one of the nursery workers and walked out. Ended crying all the way to work and feel so guilty, even though I know he would have been fine within 10 minutes of me leaving.

I just don't know why he's changed. He's always loved going, most days it was a struggle to get him to give me a kiss before running in, and I barely get a backward glance, so why has it all changed recently. He moved groups about 3 or 4 months ago so I can't imagine its that, he seemed really settled, and the nursery hasn't mentioned any incidents which might have upset him.

So any ideas ladies? I can't go through this every morning.


  • DS1 has just turned 3 & we had similar issues a few weeks ago for no apparent reason.

    We had about 4/5 days (he goes 3 days a week) & then just as suddenly he was fine again.
  • My son goes 3 days a week too, and has 2 days with me and 2 days with my husband. He was the same this morning, although he was fine in the car, singing songs etc., and he rang the doorbell himself. But as soon as we got inside you could see he wasn't happy, and started screaming. i tried to get him interested in the train set on the floor and his keyworker tried to get him to play with her but he wouldn't have it, once more they had to hold him screaming while I left.

    Spoke to a senior keyworker and the nursery manager yesterday to see if there was anything that had happened or changed recently but all they could think of was two of the keyworkers are on holiday but otherwise he's really happy and there are no problems. They're going to keep an eye on him anyway, but it only happens when I drop him off, within 10 - 15 minutes he's happy again.

    Fingers crossed it'll pass soon!
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