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Pillows, Duvets and own bed - 18 months :)

My daughter has recently gone in to a toddler bed, she is a little over 18 months image I had no problems at all, it seemed to be the right time for her and luckily for me we have had no issues with her sleeping image

BUT, she sleeps in her bed in a sleeping bag (gro bag).

The only issue is that when she gets out of bed in the morning she gets upset because she can't walk in her gro bag. She ends up in a heap on the floor. There have also been the odd times that she has dropped out of bed, it hasn't bothered her, but again she can't get herself back in to bed.

SO, what age should they have a duvet and pillow from? I'm considering a duvet but my biggest concern is that she might kick it off and I imagine she is too young to understand to pull the duvet back on to herself? The pillow I don't know, I still have a slight phobia of giving her a pillow lol image

I do check on her quite often out of habit between her going to bed at 7 and when I go to bed but during the night anything could happen!


  • Oooh, that's interesting.

    I've just taken the side off my DD's cot bed (she's 19 months) and she's gone straight to sleep as normal - she's always been a good sleeper and now asks to go to bed.

    She's still in her GroBag as I didn't want to make too many changes at once, but I was wondering the same thing about a duvet.

    Maybe I'll give it a few days and introduce one.

    She's had a pillow for a while, one of these...

    ... and she loves it. I put it under the fitted sheet, although I don't really know why!

    Mrs B xxx
  • Lol monkey nuts, my lo has a cushion under the fitted sheet just to elevate her a bit, don't know why I do it either, I think I have a pillow phobia mwahahah

    I think I might go for the duvet tomorrow and then get a toddler pillow!

    Don't come on here so much anymore but its so nice to hear other people wondering about the same random things I do lol!
  • we used a pillow and duvet from 12 months, DS is usually snuggled at the end of the bed when we go to bed so i just move him back and cover him up, we got a toddler pillow that smaller than a normal one and a lightweight toddler bed duvet we got them from dunelm
  • lizzie has had her duvet and pillow for sometime now (shes 20 months) and has been in toddler bed for couple of months too. she occassionally falls out but we have a double duvet on her floor to help(she has wooden floors!) if she does fall out she just either sleeps where she is or climbs back in!

    i will admit she gets a bit chilly BUT we have the vents open on the windows round the rest of the house otherwise its too warm in morning! i put pop a vest on her and shes fine x
  • My sons had a pillow & duvet/blanket depending on temp for a couple of months - he's now 17 months. He loves both and instead of moving all round the cot as he used to he mainly sleeps with his head on his pillow & covers pulled up to his head! I'm hoping we'll be ableto progress into a toddler bed before no2 arrives image
  • Hiya, my LO has been in his toddler bed since being 12 months (he hated cots!!), hes now just gone 2 but hes had a big pillow for some time now. I started him off with a blanket and a thin duvet so he got use to having a quilt and now ive just bought him a chuggington quilt which he likes!! x
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