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Have you seen this bear/dog?!

Hi everyone,

I am really hoping that someone can help me. Below is a pic of my sons 'bear'. He is so attached to it, he will not sleep without it. Last week, we had a scare as he dropped it in the post office and I only realised when we got home that he didnt have it. Luckily I retraced my steps and there he was. Phew!

Anyway, he rubns the silk tag, and because of this the writing has rubbed off and I do not know where it came from. I would really like to buy an extra one just in case as we have had a few near misses now, and I would feel so much better knowing we had a spare!

Does anyone recognise where it might be from? I dont know where to start looking! Any help would be very much appreciated!!

Thank you!



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