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My 2.5 yr old DD sleeps in a single bed with a bed guard on the side. She has a pillow and duvet and knows how to pull the duvet to cover her, plus can get in and out of the bed at the end where the guard is not. I just wondered at what point you think the bed guard could come off? What signs should I look out for that it's ok to come off and she's not likely to fall out?



  • my daughter has been in a toddler bed with a duvet etc for a week or two now (she's 19 months), I never bothered with a bed guard, mainly because i thought they were a rip off! image

    So, I would just take it off, I have a small cushion just under the sheet about chest height which gives a bit of a slope, keeps her on one side of the bed? I put a blanket on the floor folded incase she fell out but didn't bother with it after the first week.

    I would just take it off and put a blanket down if you're concerned image
  • lizzie is in a toddler bed without a bed graud. she has fallen out a handful of times but i have an extra duvet on the floor to cusion and fall but she doesnt seem to fall out of such she kind of slides out with her duvet around her so its more of a gentle slip iyswim. anyway i am yet to take the extra duvet away as lizzie has wooden floors and evevery time i have mentioned it to hubby she has slipped out. if she doesnt slip out this week i will take it away.

    dd1 had her bed gaurd until she was almost 3.

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